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Reply: Fibro and lead connection?
Hi baker1000, Sorry you have fibro too. Fibro at a younger age is often...More
Reply: Question for Doc. P
Hi, I know the author of that book very well. I hear he's very funny and...More
Reply: Fibromyalgia: Disease Progression
Hi Carol, Sorry you have this disease. You've gotten some great responses. I...More
Reply: Dr. P - Question about your books
Hi Gwen, Thank you for your nice comments! You're right, that was my latest...More
Reply: dr.p fmmily
Hi Matt, Good to hear from you! I hope you don't have GBS. No relationship...More
Reply: Dr. P: Inflamed Fascia?
Hi georgia, It used to be thought that fibro was caused by inflamed fascia....More
Reply: hey dr. p!
Hey Nancy B, I just called you Super-Nurse on another post. Thanks for...More
Reply: Dr. P - fibromyalgia and heart palpitations?
Hi Scott, I just responded a few minutes ago to your initial post! You've...More
Reply: hey dr. p!
Hi Lauralizzie01, Once a Buckeye, now a Wolverine?! I bet you will always be...More
Reply: men and fibromyalgia
Hi Scott Welcome from another male fibro owner! We men represent 15% of the...More