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Reply: Harmful to health
Hi sister, If you look towards the bottom of the page you will see info and reviews on...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: Feeling suicidal guilt and pain worsening.
Hi resttheweary, I understand where you are at. You might want to jot down your reasons to...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: Please help - withdraw from Cymbalta
Hi Jessie, I am glad you are doing better. I am going off Cymbalta too because it is giving...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: Should I be concerned
Hi Jess, It sounds like the tramodal is causing you to have low blood pressure. I wouldn't...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: Heredity and Fibromyalgia
Hi Anon, I think there must be an hereditory link. Not only do I have it but my sister also...More
Posted by pixe5
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Reply: Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
Hi Dr. P, Fatigue means more than just feeling tired. It feels like I am wiped out, all the...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: tired today
That is me all the time. I'm going to get some tests and hopefully they will find something...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: My biggest peeve with this Fibro thing
Hi myrt, I hope I didn't come across as saying that "they" should eliminate the trigger...More
Posted by pixe5
Reply: Response to encouragement
What kind of hell doctor was that?!!! He most likely said that because he hadn't a clue how...More
Posted by pixe5