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Reply: Difficulty..
Dear Nmonte94....I just wanted you to know I'm so sorry for all your losses just in a...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: New....Questions.....
Hello and welcome! The symptoms you describe do sound like fibro to me, but I'm not a...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: Question for fibroinsd
Thanks for replying, Cece. 100!! My friend has lost 40 and looks so...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Question for fibroinsd
Hello, Cece, I have a question for you. I seem to remember you were on the Medifast...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: feeling alone
Hello, dgoodw83....I'm sort of in a funk today myself, but I wanted to let you know...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: Hurting feet
I have the foot pain, too. Like Dodie, most of my worst pain is in my legs and feet....More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: Just Reaching to the only people who seem to under...
Hi, Crystal, I just wanted to let you know that I understand. I'm feeling so tired...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: Overwhelmed and Depressed
Hello and welcome! You did get some very thoughtful and great responses. I'm simply...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: Very nervous and a little scared
I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this. When I had my cervical epidural,...More
Posted by 1wareaglefan
Reply: Sudden jerks
I have muscle jerks or twitches. It usually happens when I'm sitting or lying still....More
Posted by 1wareaglefan