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Reply: TGIF*****Roll Call *****
Good evening everyone, I had another good day. I forgot to take my mediation this morning...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Men get fibromyalgia too
Welcome Satel. I am much like you. I ran myself into the ground working 50-60 hrs a week...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Thursday - 9/18/2014
Good evening everyone, late post so I will keep it short. It was a good day here today,...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Happy Hump Day ***** 9/17/2014
Good evening, and interesting poll, thanks for that. I had a pretty good day. I do think...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Tuesday - 9/16/2014 *****
Good evening everyone. Today was a fairly quiet day here. I was called in to work...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Monday. Monday. - 9/15/2014 *****
Good morning Mimi and all who follow. It's a rare early morning post here once again. I...More
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Reply: TGIF*****9/12/2014 *****Roll Call ***** Cool Weath...
Good evening everyone, late check-in. We went shopping all day and I am a wreck from...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Thursday - 9/13/2014 * Sad anniversary * 13 years...
Good evening everyone, it is still frigid here. it's a low of 39 tonight. Can you believe...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Happy Hump Day *****yes, it is that time again. 9...
Good morning everyone. It is very cold here. I woke to rain and somewhere in the 40's. At...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Tuesday - 9/9/2014
Good afternoon everyone. It's damp and cool here and it's going to rain soon with lots of...More
Posted by mnjeepguy