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Reply: Happy Thanksgiving Day ******11/27/2014
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone here gets to be with their families today,...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Tuesday - 11/25/2014 ******Thanksgiving week *****...
Good evening everyone. I had a decent day her. It was very productive at work. I got them...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Monday, Monday ******Thanksgiving Week *******Odd ...
Good afternoon everyone. It was warmer here for the weekend and nice while it lasted, but...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Gabapentin unsure if I like this
I also take gabapentin. I take 300mg 3 times a day. I started at 100 times a day and...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Sunday *****11/23/2014 *****
Good morning Mimi and all who follow. It is warmer here for a short spell as well with 43...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Saturday - 11/22/2014 *****COLD in NC.
Good morning everyone. It's going to be nice this weekend. We get to warm up for a bit. I...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Happy Hump Day - 11/19/2014 *****Bitter Cold in lo...
Good evening everyone. It was ten degrees warmer this morning. It made it a little easier...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Tuesday - 11/18/2014 ******
Good evening everyone. I woke to the single digits as will. It only made it up into the...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Monday, Monday - 11/17/2014 *****
Good evening everyone. It is bone chilling here. I underdressed for work as it has been...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Sunday - 11/16/2014 ******
Good evening everyone. Well, both houses we looked at were not up to par. The first...More
Posted by mnjeepguy