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Back of head pain
I know I have been writing alot lately but I wanted to address the back of head pain. Some...More
Posted by Marylyce
Lyrica and depression
I am up to 200 mg of Lyrica and I am feeling more depressed. Has anyone gone through this...More
Posted by Marylyce
Opiates for FM
I was reading some comments and saw that some of you were talking about taking opiate pain...More
Posted by Marylyce
Using Lyrica
Can anybody talk about how they are taking Lyrica? I mean atbeadtime or throughout the...More
Posted by Marylyce
I'm looking for support and comfort
I seem to be in a flare again, since the begining of March. I am back on Lyrica only...More
Posted by Marylyce
fibroflare with norovirus Please read
I should have posted this a week ago. The dr. keeps saying I have the norovirus, for over...More
Posted by Marylyce
Does anyone take their Lyrica at night, like 200 mg or more? It seems to make me drowsy...More
Posted by Marylyce
back muscle strengthening
I have been having a little more back pain lately from FM. This seems like a dumb question...More
Posted by Marylyce
I have been doing what I thought was light exercise. For instance today I rode a...More
Posted by Marylyce
Taking a vacation or travelling with firo
I don't know why, but I find it hard to convince myself into taking a trip to visit my...More
Posted by Marylyce