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At What age does Fibromyalgia stop?
My Dr. says as we get older our fibromyalgia quits. I don't know that I agree...More
Reply: My worst symptom
I don't know anything about Vulvodynia. I did go and read about it. I am so...More
Reply: Could It All Just Be Fribro?
I too have has some of the same symptoms. I have chronic Fatigue. I never...More
Reply: Plantar fasciitis?
I don't know anything about this Plantar Fascitis is but I can tell you that...More
Reply: ONE Symptom
I would have to agree with the fatigue. I feel like a invelent(or how ever...More
Reply: Are Chronic Pain and Fatigue Disabling You?
I do constider me as disabled. I can no longer work because of my FM and I...More
Reply: At What age does Fibromyalgia stop?
Thanks everyone for your input. My Dr. says he has no elderly patients with...More
Reply: A Good Day
I agree with you. I feel the same way. I appreciated you voicing it the way...More
Includes Expert Content
Dr. P. I was in a car accident 2 years ago. (I was hit from behind) I...More