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I am 53, have 2 beautifl daughters age 24 and 19 and 1 granddaughter age 4. When i was in elementary and junior high, i played every sport imaginable and love the outdoors. I try to be as active now but back in 2004 i hurt my back moving. Treated it for awhile with PT and meds, but then lost my job and therefore lost my insurance and did not get a chance to treat/heal my back. So, over the years have developed DDD, nerve damage there is some arthritis in my back and also have RA in my blood...In Feb of this year i was diagnosed with Fibro. I couldnt figure out why every fiber in my being felt like it was on fire. The cold hurts me like you wouldnt believe. and i used to love to be outside skiing and whatnot. Now, i cant stand to even be alittle bit cold.... I love being around my grandbaby and recently moved back in with my oldest daughter and her hubby. Which has really helped with my depression. I am taking hydrocodone 10mg. 30 tabs/month, allupirounol 300mg 1/daily. A new anti depressant called VIIBRYD 10mg which seems to help more than the paxil and the zoloft i have tried as its not as harsh with the side effects...the paxil made me feel like i was always looking at myself and feeling really aggressive. not something i can afford to be with a 4 year old child around. Meloxicam in stead of aleve as i only have to take 1 of those and then 1/2-1 tablet of valium 5 mg at bedtime. and aspirin as needed..Believe me, i have tried alot more meds and have found that this combo is working for me...i have tried celebrex, which made my left arm shake, lyrica which made me sick and suicidal, and the muscle relaxants just make it so im more in a fog and feel hungover in the i just cant take them....between the viibryd and the valium i feel that im getting the sleep i need which in turn helps with my mood and the pain. And my granddaughter keeps me focused. I found i have a 2nd chance at alot of things through her and i intend to not let this thing get me down....Some days are better then others and i just came off a flare up about 1 week after i moved in august as it messed with my back and of course the FM reared its ugly i ended up in bed for about a week.....anywho, tired of being negative and whiney so im going to stop with this talk....I like to post positive things. So hopefully when you read my story, you understand a little about me, but more importantly i want to contribute to this community...Even though im 53, my mind still says im 23. And when i try to talk, sometimes i have a hard time trying to formulate the words.....god this is fun...Sarcasm does work for me as im a redhead and very fiesty and i wont hesitate to tell you like it is....Well, there you have it....part of my story......

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