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Reply: What Is YOUR Biggest Fibromyalgia Pet Peeve?
know this is an old original post but i see some new responses. i have a long long...More
Posted by purplediane
Reply: Dr Starlanyl's NEW book....
didn't read the original post but was reading the reply because you mentioned and...More
Posted by purplediane
Reply: Psychiatrist for FM?
i've been seeing psychs for years. always thought i just had depression but now wonder...More
Posted by purplediane
freezing in summer
while i'm complaining about everything, anyone else ever get freezing cold in the...More
Posted by purplediane
anyone else live alone with so few friends you hardly see anyway. these are the people...More
Posted by purplediane
Reply: me again
thank you missist for much for your encouraging words. sometimes i feel i'm losing my...More
Posted by purplediane
Reply: Anyone else have Goosebump sensations?
sometimes i have the goosebumps, but mostly it's the feeling of bugs crawling and/or...More
Posted by purplediane
me again
thanks for all who responded to my poll about working. it heartens me to see that the...More
Posted by purplediane
just found this site - hurray
i'm feeling terrible today and yesterday, nothing new, but today thought i'd look...More
Posted by purplediane

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