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Reply: Good morning Fibro Community
Oh, my day is going to be miserable, but after yesterday, I don't even care. I cleaned all...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: paranoid over losing words
According to an article I read (and then lost somewhere in the internet - I really must...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: Is fibromyalgia an auto- immune disease?
I've always been told that it's not auto-immune. Even the rheumatologist who diagnosed me...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: Anyone have EYE PROBLEMS?
I don't think fibro can make any of those worse, but I'm no expert, so I may be wrong. I...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: The best of friends
Yeah, it takes time. It's been a little over a year since my diagnosis, and I realized...More
Posted by Kinkatia
The best of friends
So I got up the courage this week to write up a letter to my inner circle of friends, and...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: What's on Your Bucket List for 2011?
I wish my goals for the rest of the year included something fun. I'm just aiming to...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: personal weakness
I was actually relieved to get my diagnosis, since the other most likely thing was lupus. ...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: Just found out I have Fibromyalgia
Congratulations! Your future is going to be an adventure! It's not one that you...More
Posted by Kinkatia
Reply: Terrified!!!
I had some severe memory problems that lasted most of the last semester and greatly...More
Posted by Kinkatia