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Joined: 10/14/2011
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Hello everyone I am Ang and yes I actually am 35. I have been married for 15 years now to a wonderful man who loves me dispite the fact that I am falling apart lol. We have three children all boys they are currently 21,17,14. I have one grandson who is 2. In 95 I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and had an surgery a year for either dysplasia or stage 0 cervical cancer ending with a partial hysterectoy at 26. Later that year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. After going through the testing gambit I found a doctor willing to treat me. I ran the course of antidepresents mood stablizers and pain meds. My in pain was horriable for the first 3 years and I was almost wheelchair bound. I studied herbolgy and reflexolgy as well as all of the diffrent medications that were being used to treat Fibro at the time. I found a chiropractor who was able to use his expertise as well as herbolgy, reflexolgy and massage thearpy to get me back on my feet again. I am still a strong advocate for herbolgy viatimen thearpy and reflexoly. In 2007 we moved from Arkansa to Kansas. The change in Berometric pressure has done wonders for my Fibro and my new doctor put me on Savella.Last year I was diagnosed with ostiopenia and ostioporosis. Life for me now consists of going down the tampon isle and blowing raspberrys at all of the products,yelling at the kids to make way for the old lady and asking my husband if he will still love me when I am conpleatly deaf, blind and in traction. Lol if ya can't laugh at what hell your body is in what can ya laugh at. And still to this day I can't spell. Live life to its fullest and laugh that the pot holes.

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