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Reply: Mattress Recommendations?
The best mattress for me and my husband was the sleep number bed system. It allowed me to...More
Posted by ggladieux
Also dealing w/ Husband
My husband while being trying to be compassionate and understanding, sometimes becomes...More
Posted by ggladieux

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Cymbalta Costs
Has anyone else noticed the increase of co-pay for Cymbalta since Obamacare has started...More
Posted by ggladieux
Reply: Just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
Dearest Kathy, Fibromyalgia is a journey, some days will be good and others not so much....More
Posted by ggladieux
Thanks for all the tips with regard to Dizziness &...
I want to thank all of you who replied about dizziness and fibromyalgia. Its weird that...More
Posted by ggladieux
Reply: Thanks for all the tips with regard to Dizziness &...
True enough, especially since I hate going to the doctors, particularly specialists....More
Posted by ggladieux
Has anyone experienced dizziness along with fibromyalgia or chronic migraines?
Posted by ggladieux
Reply: Fibromyalgia and Aging
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia ~10 years ago and it has only been in the last year and...More
Posted by ggladieux
Some people mentioned the cold as being a trigger for FM, but for me its the heat and the...More
Posted by ggladieux
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Reply: Guilty for being a burden?
Acceptance of your condition is a difficult challenge, but it is worth the fight. I am...More
Posted by ggladieux