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My regular doctor (primary doc) sent me to a pain specialist and he put me on this med....More
Posted by SilverDove7
Reply: Fever
All tests came back negative. I went to the er Thursday evening and all tests came back...More
Posted by SilverDove7
Can a person have a high fever with fibromyalgia or a flare up? I cant seem to get mine...More
Posted by SilverDove7
Reply: Sleeping through the night
Have you talked to your Dr about this? You may need to have a sleep study done to see...More
Posted by SilverDove7
Reply: Handicap Sticker/Sign
I tried to get one through the dmv fill out a form then take it to your dr....More
Posted by SilverDove7
Reply: Pain Specialist
So sorry it didnt work for you! Iam on neurotin 600mgs three times a day. I cant get...More
Posted by SilverDove7
Pain Specialist
Has anyone ever seen a pain specialist and if so what do they do to and for you? What...More
Posted by SilverDove7
Reply: Sleep Apnea & Fibromyalgia
Yes I have both and use a cpap machine. SabrinaMore
Posted by SilverDove7
Reply: Jerking
Do any of you itch along with the jerking or burn? Sabrina. Ps. Ive never seen the...More
Posted by SilverDove7
I have started to have burning sensations. Its not in the same tends to move...More
Posted by SilverDove7