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Joined: 03/13/2012
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I am married with one son. Currently live in NJ but moving to WV end of April. I can't wait. I love WV, I am originally from Va. So closer to home for me.I currently have 2 cats, one female and one male. My brother in law and his wife had their first child 4/02/11 Chase. He will be 1yr very shortly. I love him. We didn't think they were going to have kids so he is loved from both sides. Currently unemployed. My DH is on SSDI, as he has had 5 back surgeries so far. I think he has FM too. His PM doc is giving him savella now too so I think she thinks so too. So we take care of each other. My dear son can drive now so he drives me around a lot. I am thankful for that. .

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Reply: Trust and Love
I so know how you are feeling! My joints over the yrs have changed, I hate my toes and...More
Posted by crystalscats
Reply: Who do I goto for relief?
Has your doctor tried Savella yet? I took the other two meds also and all they helped...More
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Reply: Tuesday ****7/24/2012 ****
Good morning all ! Well not so good here today. I have fallen twice in the last 3...More
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Reply: Monday ****Monday ****7/16/2012 ****
Hello, It is sunny once again here. We did have a late afternoon brief shower...More
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Why did I come here? I have had R/A since a teen in hs. So I had dealt with that for...More
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Reply: FM symptom
They can be I believe, as I get them at times too. Sometimes I have chills, then will...More
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Reply: TGIF***Roll Call and Friday 13th ****
Good morning all. Nancy good luck today. MiMi hope the back is better today....More
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Reply: W E E D S .......
Wow Nancy what a nice post! Like this thinking! I too have weeds once in a while. I...More
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Reply: Just in - rheumy is convinced I have some kind of ...
Sorry to hear Margaret. I have had R/A since a teen. My ana has always been positive...More
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Reply: Fibromyalgia is life changing
I got sick towards the end of one job. We were told the plant would be closing and...More
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