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Reply: Numbness in hands and feet
I feel like it's more like my finger tips and toes. I wouldn't say completely...More
Reply: Giving up and giving in..
Not to continue with the indifferences of the post that I believe you're...More
Reply: Sunday, 11/3/2013 ***An extra hour of *sleep*?
Ok so I'm one of those people that knows zip about LTD insurance. I've heard a...More
New (to me) book
Fibromyalgia and woman by Barbara Keddy. Interesting studies/information...More
Reply: New symptom
Also, I wanted to let people know about a new book I'm reading that I've found...More
Reply: New symptom
My opinion is that it's part of your FM. Sometimes my ribs hurt so bad I feel as...More
Reply: Burning sensation
I'm sure I will repeat what has been said before but only because it's the...More
Reply: Do you ever get a break from pain?
The important thing is that you can recognize that your meds aren't working and...More
Reply: Hi Family...
Maybe he should educate himself a little more on the illnesses you deal with. ...More
Reply: Need Dr. in NE Oklahoma
I've never heard of a doctor not taking medicare because you're not 65. Assuming...More