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Reply: Savella
Hello. I tried Savella, took it for 5 months in hopes that it would eventually...More
Reply: I'm new here
Sorry you're having a difficult time. I think we've all been in your shoes at...More
Reply: Relief with muscle relaxant?
Hello. Yes a muscle relaxer would be beneficial for your tense muscles and you...More
Reply: Is there anything you don't hate about having Fibr...
Really ? You most be joking ! This has been the worst life changing event that...More
Reply: new
Hello. MiMi takes a lot of supplements, she's a good one to ask. Meds and...More
Reply: Question about Lyrica/ Dr.s or anyone with info.
I think maybe you should go to the Lyrica website or ask your Pharmacist about...More
Reply: Fibromyalgia Medication
Hello. Like MiMi said everyone is different and probably have tried every FM med...More
Reply: Anyone here taking Savella?
I can't take Lyrica either and was rx'd Savella. I didn't have much luck with...More
Reply: Just found you
I just replied to stillhangingin about new pains and if it's FM or something...More
Reply: Just found you
Hello. I'm glad you found the community as it's very helpful because you are...More