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fresh fruit and increased pain
Yesterday I made myself a fresh fruit smoothie, using a banana, peach, and mixed...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: I hope you don't mind if I vent...
I am sorry you are going through this. I haven't been posting on here for awhile...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Antibiotics and increased pain
I am currently taking a course of antibiotic (penicillin) for a severe ear...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: Where did I go
I know how you feel and I understand your pain. Like you, I was always very...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: Pain after eating whole body tried to end life
I understand what you are experiencing. I also experience pain after eating. I...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: Newly Diagnosed
Sorry to hear of your situation. In one so young it is so disheartening. You found...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: One sided pain
Hi. You will find many "alwayshurting" people here. Sorry to hear you have this...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Drug sensitivity and compounding pharmacist
I have talked here about my sensitivity to medications, certain foods and other...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: Immunizations Caused My Fibromyalgia and Pituitary...
There is certainly a lot going on here. I believe this but no one else dismisses...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes
Reply: Vitamin D..extreme nausea and pounding headache
Hi Mimi. Thank you. I know you are a great proponent of Vit. D. I am positive the...More
Posted by crystalgreeneyes