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Reply: 10 Yr Old Daughter Newly Diagnosed with Fibro
Dear fibro mom So sorry to hear about your child 's diagnosis of fibro .As a retired school...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Saturday - 11/1/2014 *****Cold and wet in NC. FAL...
Hello Everyone We are experience yet another Northeastern here in the Boston area. Temps...More
Posted by franr
Reply: weaning off Cymbalta
Hi Desertwind I hope you are start feeling better .It takes a 4-6 before neurotin kicks in...More
Posted by franr
training medical personal
Hello Folks Well I had my surgery ( colon resection) for diverticulitis. The surgery went...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Dr started a new med and have ?
Hi Starting new medications can be tricky.Some people have no problem and some have too...More
Posted by franr
Reply: fibromyalgia pain with costochondritis?
Hi Chloe I can sympathetize with you I also suffer with costochondritis.Actually this one...More
Posted by franr
Reply: New to the Community, looking for some support, fi...
Dear Emily I am so sorry you are going through this at age 24.You have not said if you have...More
Posted by franr
Diverticulitis and fibro
Good Morning friends Well over the last few days I have not feeling too well.My my back and...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Pain on my left breast (especially on and near the...
Dear Jacey I am so sorry you experiencing so much breast pain.When I was in my 20's I had L...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Finding a new doctor
Hi Nickla1 I had the same situation with my family MD about a year and half ago.I was...More
Posted by franr