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Reply: Involuntary Head Turning
Hi An Welcome to our fibro group.Over the years working in Pedi I have had many patients with...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Muscles that release causing additional problems
Hello Gayspran Welcome to our little group .So sorry to hear you have been experiencing so...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Newbie in Florida ...
Hi Darbi And welcome to our support group.And you will receive support and understanding...More
Posted by franr
Reply: TGIF*****4/25/2014 *****Roll Call *****
Hi Lou I had to chime in on the kitchen construction. I went through this a few years ago...More
Posted by franr
Reply: Fatigue
Hi Mel Wecome to our little seems you are doing all the right things to help cope...More
Posted by franr
Reply: I'm new here
Dear Auburn Welcome and so glad you found us. There are so many members from all walks of...More
Posted by franr
Reply: pain managed by supplement?
Hi An And welcome. The winter months seem to be the worse from people suffering with...More
Posted by franr
Reply: I'm back.. Question about Ataxia
Hi Mary Good to see you here.You always have interesting posts.The stumbling may be a side...More
Posted by franr
Reply: New to fibro
Hi Kristi First of all welcome.It appears you have a pretty supportive NP that is half the...More
Posted by franr
Reply: FM- do kids have it, too?
Dear Schrode I have was a school nurse for years (retired) but still doing per diem and...More
Posted by franr