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Reply: Decisons Decisions Decisions!!!!
Isn't it amazing how different we are and yet how much we all have the same basic problems? ...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: Newbie to the board
AJW, My nurse practicioner has a sense of humor we can all appreciate. Her comment was,...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: a question to the group
Annie, You do know that there are some docs out there that say they can cure your FM by...More
Posted by BetteK
We've all been there. We have something special to do. We plan for it. We budget out time...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: Sunday ****8/11/2013 ****
Cory, You NEED to have that insurance. I don't know what we would have done without it. I...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: freezing in summer
Diane, I go from feeling hot and sticky to being cold and shivering. This happens only when...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: exhausted
Diane, Mary's right. Your meds are off. Yes, we do need some extra naptime, but it is...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: knots in my arms
After you have been retested for lupus, you might try trigger point injections into your...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: How do you accept your own limitations...
Oh, Turtle, I love your attitude! Do what you can when you can. Do the things that bring you...More
Posted by BetteK
Reply: Thursday ****8/8/2013 ****
KNEES! They seem to be bothering a lot of us lately. Here's something that might ease a...More
Posted by BetteK