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Low-Grade Fevers
Does anyone else besides me suffer from low-grade fevers? I've wondered if that's typical...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: For All our new members
Response to pocotaz: Thank you for your welcome and encouragement. I just joined this...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: PTSD Flashbacks and FM Flares
I've never been diagnosed with PTSD by any doctor--just myself because when I suffer from...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: literature confirming fibro as a true disease
In the past 20 years since I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS more has been...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: FMS and disability
I'm glad you won your case and it was great that you found a health advocate. I've dealth...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: Warm Showers
Yes, I agree that warm showers can help with some pain. I shower every morning soon after I...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic also has a branch in Scottsdale, AZ where I used to live (only 5 min. away)...More
Posted by MarFran
Includes Expert Content
Reply: The Fibromyalgia Worker
I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS in 1994, in my late 40s, after about 2...More
Posted by MarFran
Reply: Where is everyone from?
I'm new to this website, and it was nice to find an online group since there are no support...More
Posted by MarFran
Lyrica and Other Medications
I'd like to know how many of you have tried Lyrica and if it has helped you at all. After I...More
Posted by MarFran