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Reply: Disability
My short term disability has been denied just found out yesterday. I have had no...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Thank you I really needed to read this I have only slept 3 hrs tonight and can't get...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Reply: Bras!
as far as the Migraine headaches I use Sumavel DosePro. My Neurologist prescribed it...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
I started having major pain last July I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. How do...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Reply: anyone know a fibro specialist in jacksonville Flo...
Thank you I will let my doctor know to refer me to her.
Posted by KathyRoark1972
anyone know a fibro specialist in jacksonville Flo...
Ok here goes I suffer from FM, along with depression, insomnia, type 1 bipolar...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Reply: fibro flare
I have been an insomniac for most of my life along with anxiety problems I have...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Reply: Lidocaine patches--before pain
I forgot about those. I am going to put one on right now maybe it will loosen up my...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Reply: Stay away from sulphur foods
By reading what sulfur foods just realized that due to my Iron diffiecient anemia I...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972
Reply: Just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
Thank you and yes my vitamin D is low but I have to be careful of what vitamins I...More
Posted by KathyRoark1972