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Rain, rain, go away!
Two weeks ago, I was worried because we hadn't had any rain while everyone around us had...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Numbness in finger tips?
My sister avoided a second carpal tunnel surgery by wearing a brace most of the time. It...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Monday, Monday *****July 1, 2013 *****with the 4th...
Debbie, Sounds like fun. I would wind up with a loose greyhound. Imagine trying to catch...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Tips for Cooking?
Debbie, You read my mind. Between the crock pot (and have you tried the Reynolds crock...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Can you relate ????? Check out the link below****
Mary, I'm not sure whether the pain is any less intense or whether we just get...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Summer Cold
Mayville, OF COURSE colds are worse for those of us with fibro. Our periods are more...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Disability?
Scanlet, Sounds like you've got just about all the little add-ons FM can bring. Fun it's...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: zThursday *****6/27/2013 *****
Oh, MiMi, you are so right about doctors not knowing everything. During the tail end of my...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Burning Pain
Here in the US most of us with burning type pain are treated with Neurontin (gabapentin) a...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Monday, Monday *****6/24/2013 *****
Linda, We live 10 miles south of the Villiage of Wellsville in the Shongo valley. The...More
Posted by Bette_K