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Reply: Saturday *****6/22/2013*****Super Moon tonight****
Nancy, I sure hope you got that pool up and running. If your weather was anything like...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Saturday *****6/22/2013*****Super Moon tonight****
Cory, I once had a wrist ganglion that sounds a lot like your "bump." Back in the old...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Share Your Health Insurance Story
Georgia, I am not looking for health insurance now because we were able to continue my...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Anyone Else ANGRY? :/
Oh, Boop, Leaving a job you love and never wanted to stop is just one more toll fibro...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: New Study--Good News For Us
Anon, It does not matter where our FM begins, although this news about the hands is very...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: Hump Day ****6/19/2013 ****
Oh, Cory, those ear infections are bad news. My younger son got one every time he had the...More
Posted by Bette_K
Posted by Bette_K

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How old were you when you first got fibromyalgia?
The books all talk about how fibro hits us at any age, but usually in the 20's and 30's....More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: The Itch that doesn't stop
Z, Sometimes, in our effort to go low fat or lose some weight we just go to far. Is it...More
Posted by Bette_K
Reply: What Is YOUR Biggest Fibromyalgia Pet Peeve?
Z, Sometimes I liken believing in fibromyalgia as believing in God or whatever higher...More
Posted by Bette_K