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Joined: 01/05/2014
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Hi! There's not too much to say. I'm a mother of 2 wonderful disabled sons, and have recently turned 40. I've had fibro since childhood. I thought that everybody else felt as much pain as I did, when doing anything. I joined the Navy out of high school to pay for college. BIG mistake. I was put in a job that required working with metal stock. (heavy lifting and what not). I also took a course in welding after I got out. Another mistake. Now I've found out that I have 3 discs in 2 parts of my spine that are damaged. Two of them pressing into the spinal canal. And recently they discovered some irregular heart rhythms. Huh..Fuel to the fire. I was divorced in 2008. I have two wonderful boys who are incredible! (13 & 15 yrs old). They help as they can and try to understand. The eldest is a high functioning autistic. My fibro has been throwing me some curve balls, so here I be. Looking for advice and, maybe, not be a member of a elect group of extraordinary people. :)

PS: the picture was taken at my 40th birthday party at Pizza Hut. Yummy cinnamon breadstick. mmm…yum.

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