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Hi! There's not too much to say. I'm a mother of 2 wonderful disabled sons, and have recently turned 40. I've had fibro since childhood. I thought that everybody else felt as much pain as I did, when doing anything. I joined the Navy out of high school to pay for college. BIG mistake. I was put in a job that required working with metal stock. (heavy lifting and what not). I also took a course in welding after I got out. Another mistake. Now I've found out that I have 3 discs in 2 parts of my spine that are damaged. Two of them pressing into the spinal canal. And recently they discovered some irregular heart rhythms. Huh..Fuel to the fire. I was divorced in 2008. I have two wonderful boys who are incredible! (13 & 15 yrs old). They help as they can and try to understand. The eldest is a high functioning autistic. My fibro has been throwing me some curve balls, so here I be. Looking for advice and, maybe, not be a member of a elect group of extraordinary people. :)

Ps: My FibroDragon Tattoo….now resting on my right forearm. So, on bad days I have something solid to work against. Ya know, give it dirty looks, etc…ha ha….something for those that can't see the fibro to look at and consider. Not the least painful thing I've been through, but satisfying.

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