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Joined: 02/05/2010
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At this point I am 57 y/o. I have been with Web MD's Fmily since 2003 when I finally met my champion physician. I had seen 9 MD's in the search to figure out what happened after a traumatic event in the ICU where I worked. My specialty is Cardiology (ICU RN) and at present I work the most I can FT (4) days a week.

I had developed what I call my toolbox of tricks to survive and keep me moving and then met the fmily here and polished them even better. It is still hard for me to accept that this is forever. That something has broken (forever) as the body has such great powers to repair itself. I see that this is a complicated situation.

I have a wonderful husband and two son's who are both married now. Grandchildren in my life has only helped me to hold on. Once thinking that no one would miss me if I left. NOT TRUE. We are important to so many, more then we know.

Each day can bring a new piece of information to you that is priceless to your survival. Don't give up an DON'T GIVE IN. I will not let the dragon take more of me then he has already. I am my best advocate. Getting educated and being able to express the issues in a *good light can help the doc so much in helping you.

I have gone from sleeping in a recliner and not being able to comb my hair or having an 8-10 hour wellness window. SO IT CAN HAPPEN. We must persevere. Two steps forward and one back and 3 forward and none is a process. A trial and error quiz time to see what works for you. I am so glad I stayed in my life as it has gotten so much better. I also do only good things for my body. Water, good food, Vitamins, Rest, supplements, meds and my tools.........Good luck with your journey............Nancy B

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