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Joined: 02/05/2010
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I'm the crazy Canadian on board since July 2007....

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Reply: I've Officially Lost Everything
Thank you so very much everyone~I love you all and having you means so much to me. I...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
I've Officially Lost Everything
I could really use some encouraging healing words from my Fmily. I have officially lost...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Monday Morning after the FW**
Morning MiMi~ Glad you got to enjoy the fireworks. I missed our Canada Day(July 1st)...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Happy 4th of July to everyone ****
Happy 4th from Canada~ The Queen & Prince Philip were in my city yesterday, too...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Friday Role Call
Morning, Yesterday was Canada Day, also the kickoff to our football season. Watched a...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Quick Hello~
Morning FMily~ Having issues at home again. I just can't figure out...Why me?...What...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Turned down for my scooter :'(
Paul~ Yikes I see it's been quite the ride since we last spoke. Posted, did coffee...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Early Saturday Morning Again ****
Popping in to say hi!
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Thursday **
Today's my 1st MRI...I leave in 45 minutes. This one's for the low-back. I'm really...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: FYI***BeBe says hello**
Hope she feels better too. Tell her the Crazy Canadian says hi. More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30