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Joined: 02/05/2010
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I'm the crazy Canadian on board since July 2007....

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Reply: Fibro and Injury??
Severe superflu virus...Had me knocked out for over 2 months...Took out my immune...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: WebMD~Caprice~Mobile Web
Thanks Caprice! I'll be the first to try out the new abilities! Heck if you need a...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Made a haul...
Sounds awesome! My oldest(13) could use those...We have a library nextdoor (almost) and...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
WebMD~Caprice~Mobile Web
I finally got to reconnect with this fabulous support group, and was able to get the...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Hump Day.....
Morning~ I tried to reply via mobile web but this site doesn't allow for that. It...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Cymbalta for FM
Hi there~ Cymbalta made my brain swell so bad the whites of my eyes were red and I...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Fibro, Arthritis, Fatigue and working
Hi there, I'm also from Canada (MB). Robax(asa) & Robaxacet(tylenol) do not work...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Poll: Low Dose vs. High Dose
Posted by CORYSGIRL30

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Has anyone gone off a higher dose med for some time....only to go back on at a lower dose to see if the lower dose works better???
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  • Yes-Helped better than high-dose
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Morning FMily!!!
Just checking in. I know, it's been how long this time??? I just figured I had nothing...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30
Reply: Relaxing weather
Hi Penny! I'm thinking ALL the docs out there are a tad...kookoo?? You've had to wait...More
Posted by CORYSGIRL30