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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
working on dealing with the pain-flareups-depression.

so far, FM is winning.

I've been offically with FM since 2007. Thinking I"ve had it quite a bit longer than that.

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Reply: TGIF****Roll Call ****8/2/2013 ****
I was up and down all night, ha ha! didn't get to sleep till after 10 am this...More
Posted by Wolfsong452
Reply: TGIF****Roll Call ****7/26/2013 ****
well looks like I finally can get on line before the end of the day. Hey, it's 11:15 pm...More
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Reply: Dr. P: How effective is lidocaine for severe pain...
good luck I hope it works for you. what with my shoulder problem, and other assorted...More
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Reply: Supplements
good idea about taking one and then waiting a couple of weeks, then also taking a list...More
Posted by Wolfsong452
Hello all, I've had a friend give me a bunch of different supplements. Some are for...More
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Reply: Anyone else have Goosebump sensations?
this is something that I have a very big problem with, I call it the creepy crawlies,...More
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Reply: How do you accept your own limitations...
I don't know about accepting your limitations daily. You do have to push yourself...More
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Reply: mood swings, ah ha! I'm in pain, didn't know it. f...
yeah, it was a stressful time, big time flare, along with other things of the body...More
Posted by Wolfsong452
Reply: mood swings, ah ha! I'm in pain, didn't know it. f...
hurray things have settled down, back to my normal hours. Now I'm wanting my skin to...More
Posted by Wolfsong452
Reply: Share Your Health Insurance Story
not sure how it works here, my sliding scale program that I'm able to get is great. I...More
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