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Reply: Hump Day *****WELCOME TO FALL ****9/23/2015 *****
Good morning, Just caught up on last few days....yes school starts and germs fly. I am back...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: TGIF*******9/18/2015 *****Roll Call
I have had my share of bad days and no fun! Tired of pain but way of life, my best relief is...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: day 4
Way to go! Just remember to pace and allow some rest times even some streches or mild...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Joining the Group
Hi Jody, I haven't posted or read much for a few momths. I agree it is hard to find the...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Tuesday - 9/15/2015 *****
Good afternoon, Busy day with one of my great niece's. My niece and her four daughters...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Mom can't get help w/her horrible fibro pain
How kind of you to be concerned! My experiences is that pain pills do not help much. The only...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Monday, Monday - 9/14/2015 ******
Mimi, I wonder the same thing about why I wash so much with only two people. How did l do it...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: disgusted
Julie, when it gets really bad for me I focus on what I did do not what I could not do. Could...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Sunday - 9/13/2015 *******a cool morning as well.
Hi all, Well cece you got me! I was reading for awhile but Life just gt overwhelming. Then...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: TGIF*****1/16/2015 *****Roll Call *****
Well we were suppose to get rain, but it rained during the night and now sunshine. I will...More
Posted by lb707