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Reply: Sunday *****3/10/2013***** Sad week-end *****Remem...
Do very sorry Mimi. I want my hour back as I am not a fan of daylight savings time. laurabMore
Posted by lb707
Reply: I am from .....
I have always said one day at a hour at a time sounds GOOD! Always wondered...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: My daughter and granddaughter ****3/2/2013 ****
Mimi, So happy for you! Haven't signed in for awhile but have been keeping up with you...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Dry Mouth
Hi, I can't take the cyclobenzaprine any more but still use the biotene. When I was using the...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: SPAMMER? landaise28
Googled the screen name.....been busy for awhile all in french it appears to me. Not sure the...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Fibro and Shakes?
I have visible shakes called non epileptic seizures/tremors. Good label for something they...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Trigger point injections
Hi I cannot say enough about lidocaine shots. I have suffered with numbness in my fingers...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Scary isn't it?
Nancy, Hope you see this. No you did not scare it made me do a little thinking...More
Posted by lb707
Reply: Comfy Bras and More
OLD POST, but I need to put this in. I wear only the Genie Bra sold on QVC. I have three...More
Posted by lb707