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Reply: Weight Gain
This is extremely common and it's something that I will always respond to. Yes,...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: Wellbutrin & Fibro Fog
I currently take wellbutrin. I find that it does help me to have a bit more energy and...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
My sleep problem is also waking up multiple times per night. I fall asleep okay but often...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: Recently Diagnosed-Need Advice
The pain could be the FM. I'm 29 and have had sharp leg pain my whole life. Of course...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: Am new to site just looking for some insite
I have used melatonin with pretty good success. Even though it is a supplement, it still...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: Hi I am new to the site
I wasn't diagnosed at the time but I definitely had FM as a teen and I believe even...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: 23 and confused
Hello- I am 28 and have had FM for many years so I know what it's like to be young and...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: lazy or fibro fatigue?
Along with everyone else, I can say I understand and have similar thoughts--often. I'm...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: Weight Gain Due to Medications???
I second much of what everyone has already said. I'd take a look at your meds and decide...More
Posted by jroseland
Reply: Don't know what to do...I am scared about my futur...
Hello- I am also young--28--and have had chronic pain for at least 20 years. After trying...More
Posted by jroseland