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Joined: 08/16/2010
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I'm a middle-aged woman who was dx'ed with FM in March 2005. My doc and I are managing my illness well, with little to no pain most of days. I lost 35 lbs in 2012 - the weight I put on with the meds for FM!

I'm a fanatical knitter, always have two or three things going at the same time. I knit for charity, donating at least 50 pairs of mittens to a local charity named "Christmas is for Kids". I'm married (30 years in 2013!); childless (the dog doesn't count); and I have 13 nieces, 15 nephews, and four "greats" and a set of "greats" due in January 2015.

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Reply: Sunday 3-15-2015
Hello FMily, I hope you're all well. It's been warm and cold here today, started warm...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Friday 3-13-15
TGIF! I took a day off to get some things done, it's 3:45 and I'm just checking in. ...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Thank you
Welcome, sickandembarrassed! You don't need to be embarrassed around us - we are...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Where is MiMi?
Great post, Lisa. I too think she was sick last week, bit I don't remember her planning...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: First one up makes the coffee.....
Hi FMily! It was a warm day,. topped out at 42, but back to the cold tonight. They're...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: TGIF 3-6-2015
Happy Friday everyone! It's very cold here, 17 but sunny. Ice has been melting from...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: loosing my words and mind
Ho herbalx3 and welcome! I'm sorry you're struggling, but your doc really doesn't...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: TGIF*****2/27/2015 *****Roll Call *****Ice in NC *...
Hello FMily - TGIF INDEED! It's been cold with some snow flurries here this week. I've...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Sunday - 2/22/2015 ******
Happy Sunday! And I do mean SUN - it was out and wonderful! Had a mini heatwave today,...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: TGIF*****2/20/2015 ******Roll Call and Bitter Cold...
It's finally Friday! DARNED cold here, 8 right now, with a "feels like" of -9. When...More
Posted by katmandulou