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Joined: 08/16/2010
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I'm a middle-aged woman who was dx'ed with FM in March 2005. My doc and I are managing my illness well, with little to no pain most of days. I lost 35 lbs in 2012 - the weight I put on with the meds for FM!

I'm a fanatical knitter, always have two or three things going at the same time. I knit for charity, donating at least 50 pairs of mittens to a local charity named "Christmas is for Kids". I'm married (30 years in 2013!); childless (the dog doesn't count); and I have 13 nieces, 15 nephews, and four "greats" and a set of "greats" due in January 2015.

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Reply: Tuesday - 9/16/2014 *****
Happy Tuesday Everyone! I'm glad to have the time to check in this morning. It's cold...More
Posted by katmandulou
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Happy Friday night! Sorry for the too-late check in. Cool here today, chilly now....More
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Happy Hump Day All! Sorry I haven't been around, but I'm taking advantage of the work...More
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Reply: TGIF*****(I think) 8/29/2014 *****who is messing ...
Friday, what fun! Happy Labor Day weekend, especially if you have to work"026 Cool and...More
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Reply: Newly DX, angry, confused
Hi myasmommom, and Welcome! I hope this doesn't sound like a message I just posted to...More
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Reply: Suffering in Silence, Struggling with myself!
Hi sumra7099 and Welcome! I'm glad you found us, and I hope you'll be glad, too. The...More
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Reply: Thurssay - 8/28/2014 *****end of August *****
Hi All! Quick check-in this evening. I'm working, and tho' I like the work, it really...More
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Reply: Sunday******a cooler day 8/24/2014 ******
Hello FibroSibs: I got a call offering a few days of work, and I took it, hence my...More
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Reply: Stressed
Hi mama1984 and welcome! FM is not a friend, as we all know, and I know how you feel...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: fibromyalgia gide me...
sekaran4 doesn't have a FM agnosis yet, and should see the doc.
Posted by katmandulou