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I'm a middle-aged woman who was dx'ed with FM in March 2005. My doc and I are managing my illness well, with little to no pain most of days. I lost 35 lbs in 2012 - the weight I put on with the meds for FM!

I'm a fanatical knitter, always have two or three things going at the same time. I knit for charity, donating at least 50 pairs of mittens to a local charity named "Christmas is for Kids". I'm married (30 years in 2013!); childless (the dog doesn't count); and I have 13 nieces, 15 nephews, and four "greats" and a set of "greats" due in January 2015.

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Hi All, I hope each and very one of you had a great l-o-n-g weekend! It's hot here...More
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If you have concerns about your meds, see your pharmacist. Could you say why you...More
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Please start a new discussion to introduce yourself to the community here so we can...More
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Reply: Thursday *****7/3/2014 *****Happy 4th *****
Happy July 3rd! Hot and humid here, 81° now and SO sticky! yesterday I managed til 2pm...More
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Reply: Happy Hump Day *****7/2/2014 ***** 2 days until ou...
Happy Hump Day! It's only July 2, and it's too hot for me! 10am and it's already 82°...More
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Reply: Muscles that release causing additional problems
Hi Gay, and welcome! This is another club we don't want to belong to, but you'll soon...More
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Reply: Tuesday ***** July 1, 2014 (yes, it is now July)
It's July"026 And here comes the humidity! DH took the time Sunday to put the ACs in...More
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Reply: scary
Hi An_ I agree with Mimi. Your meds need to be included, but your medical records are...More
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