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Savella vs. Cymbalata and Lyrica.
I understand that savella is contraidicated to Lyrica and Cymbalata. Ask your doctor or Pharmacist as there...More
Posted by my10cats
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Full Body Itching No Rash - My Story
I also had full body itching. I felt like I had rolled in fiberglass. I had no rashes, jaundice or other...More
Posted by santina6519
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Use of a Walker From SaintIvy
I want to Thank Everyone for their Wonderful and Caring Support !!! Lots of Love and Light !!!
Posted by SaintIvy
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To All my Pain Suffering friends out there,I hope your ready for a miracle.I was sent a video one day...More
Posted by Rangertweety
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I have irritable bowel with my fibro. My sister in law told me to try charcoal capsules from the health food...More
Posted by JaRaye
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Items and tricks in my toolbag.
The standerd heating pad. Frozen peas- for use on those very rare days that cold does not make me hit...More
I may have dyslexia and can't spell, I may have Brain Fog and not remember who you are, I may have tremors that scare you, I may drop everything I pick up but, By ALL I do it with everything I am!!!
Posted by JBirdFletcher
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Sharing the toolbox
Sharing the toolbox This is the "sharing the toolbox" that Nana B started several years ago....some...More

My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
Posted by dollbug
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Please be aware that doctors do not always have time to keep up on everything, your pharmacists has...More
Posted by tremendousbrunette
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Fibromyalgia Fog
I have found using bee pollen or adding a teaspoon of honey to your diet a few times a week has...More
Posted by tremendousbrunette
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Helps me sleep or rest!
Since I see people saying the names of stores I'm going to also. By accident I found a motor powered air...More
Posted by Anon_43491
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Keeping Warm this Winter
I have tried to stay warm for the passed 8 years and yes it seem that every year I seem to be colder then the...More
Posted by sadpat66
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Long underwear for extra warmth
When it even begins to get cool, I begin wearing my Cuddl Duds long underwear. They are so thin you can wear...More
Posted by meggiefly
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I tried to find a job to get out of the house
I was looking for more information regarding Fibromyalgia, and found your sight. I am looking only because...More
Posted by suesyorkies
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Trigger Finger and Fibro Pain Cured with Nuvigil!
I used to suffer from stiff, swollen fingers and "trigger fingers" (...More
Posted by cmlee76
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Stop the pain
I've been using a salve called Voltaren Gel 1% for over a year now and it completely stops my FB pain. I...More
Posted by juliepirro
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Every Day is a new day
After struggling with Fibro. for 23 yrs., I've discovered that anything you try could have a different result...More
Posted by Fibro36
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Stretching/ Keeping Your Mind Busy/Good For You
I was diagnosed with Fibro this August of 2011 and I find that stretching every morning and night helps me...More
Posted by sexymamma12
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Staying ative
I have been diagnosed with Fibro for 4 years now. I am only turning 21 tomorrow. It has been a rough few years...More
Posted by eriinh
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Right combination
After experimenting with available drugs, I have settled on a regimen that seems to work best for me. I take...More
Posted by maryjen
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Restless legs
I have had fm all of my life I believe and I am now 67. For the restless legs I find when they are bad I...More
Posted by sunnybozzo
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Try Savella
I have been taking Savella with good to moderate succes. I also take a prescription antiinflamatory that seems to...More
Posted by Aly47
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I agree with everyone about the pain and depression. I have found that taking malic acid with magnesium...More
Posted by Lindaw1948
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, what has helped me keep my weight under control....
have fibro and i first thought i did not deserve a handicap parking card, but after i had my first hip...More
Posted by theorymae
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Thank goodness I have found this community to share and talk about this challenging dissability. So many...More
Posted by mjmosher
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Hello everyone, I have having pain in the sternum area, but it's a weird kind of pain. It doesn' hurt when I...More
Posted by me_n_my_4
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Helpful Tips

Vitamin D level checked ***
I encourage everyone who is having pain problems to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level......a simple blood test...and so very ... More
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