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Reply: Happy Hump Day - 7/29/2015 *****
Good middle of the week MiMI and to all those that will follow my post. Hope today is going well for...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Tuesday - 7/28/2015 *****
cece, so sorry that the job fair did pan out. I went to so many @ LAUSD and left with nothing. I know...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Monday, Monday - 7/27/2015 ******
German Shedder - I love it!
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Saturday - 7/25/2015 *****
Linda: You can find me on Etsy: KSSignatureHandKnits LouMore
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Sunday - 7/26/2015 *****
Cory, I am so glad that you liked and enjoyed your time in Nashville. It is a busy place, the music is...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: My Vitamin D Level
Sarah, Try the gluten free for a month or so and see how much better you feel. It is hard to stick with this...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: What meds work for you?
I meant cymbalta
Posted by keenan86
Reply: Happy Hump Day - 7/22/2015 *****
Cory, I do hope that you had a good time in Nashville . Yes it was hot and muggy up there. Hope...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: TGIF*****Roll Call. 7/24/2015 *****
Good evening all, Was a hot 104* in brush country today. Ugh. DH was digging holes with the backhoe,...More
Posted by desertwind
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Reply: The Fibromyalgia Worker
I wanted to respond to your post because I am currently a school bus driver and was recently diagnosed with...More
Posted by kelli47401

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Reply: Fibromyalgia is Progressive Disease
Hello Lisa, not so sure either that age is the reason that causes this illness to get worse. I do think there...More

Posted by dollbug

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Reply: Happy Thursday - 7/23/2015 *****
Good evening everyone, Had a fairly easy day-by design. I was told to "take it easy" for the first 24 hrs....More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Health benefits of drinking lemon water
Thanks...I have started my day lately with lemon/honey warm drink..then I take the lemon and put it in my...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: Newbie
Hello rockstar and welcome....MiMi in NC. I am one of the FMers here who has had major problems with hands and...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Monday, Monday - 7/20/2015 ******
Lisa, Great idea! I don't think my husband would go for it. The historic district would probably not like it...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Smile! It/s Wednesday:)
One more thing Nancy. I saw that your post decided to show up multiple times.....You can report the additional...More

Posted by dollbug
Smile! It/s Wednesday:)
Hi everybody, it's Nancy, I'm still pretty new to this site as far as posting goes. I've been reading your...More
Posted by infinity49
Smile! It/s Wednesday:)
Hi everybody, it's Nancy, I'm still pretty new to this site as far as posting goes. I've been reading your...More
Posted by infinity49
Reply: Tuesday - 7/21/2015 *****
cece , are you going to rent out your mom and dad's house or put it up for sale? Just wondering as so...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Fibro and immune deficiency
If it is, it is not known. My autoimmune "problems" started before the FM. Trauma, like your car accident...More
Posted by desertwind
strategies for coping with a Fibromyalgia diagnosi...
Hi I started blogging to distract myself from the pain of Fibromyalgia. My latest blog is about strategies...More
Posted by clairecly
Reply: Sunday - 7/19/2015 *****
Good Sunday to all! Hot in Kansas. High 90's. I went on a walk this morning and actually had a few...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Keep smiling
Hi -it's Nancy, my computor sent my reply all by itself and I wasn't done yet. So I drove home and left the...More
Posted by infinity49
Reply: Saturday - 7/18/2015 *****
Nancy.. If you were nearby I'd find you and hug you!!! Your post was wonderful.. Am so grateful you...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Even my earlobes hurt
Thanks guys, I just read this now. Between figuring myself out and working I didn't get back on here. I...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: fatigue and depression
Hi MiMi: Thank you for your reply. I am taking anti depressents, effexor and cymbalta, morphine, muscle...More
Posted by swoncan
Reply: Microdose Therapy Experience
Wow! According to your response, I just realized that you affirmed that you are posing as a physician. ...More
Posted by maplewood234
Reply: PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)
Thank you so much for replying, I am glad that you have found something that is working for you. Just...More
Posted by fabulous2015
Reply: melissa's life
Good morning Missyaz, One thing about rashes they are often a reaction to something and created an...More
Posted by booch007

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Weight Loss and pain
I am a 43 yr old female with fibromyalgia and numerous other dx's attached to my medical records...overweight, depressed, immune ... More
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