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Reply: How do you explain it?
That is an interesting way to describe it!! I tend to tell people that my brain is basically on hyperdrive....More
Posted by futurepcp33
Reply: Tuesday - 3-31-2015 ******last day of March ******...
Good Tuesday to all! It is a nice day in Kansas. High 80's. I am still in more pain than usual. I have so much...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Any nurses out there?
Georgene, I too waited a long time to add the antidepressant, I always yelled no playing with my brain...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Monday, Monday - 3/30/2015 ******end of another mo...
Good evening everyone, After a very painful weekend, today was easier. I got the house cleaned up by my...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Mucinex
So, you are taking the Mucinex now? How many per day. One person mentioned they are taking guaifenesin.
Posted by hopperd60
Reply: WhiteRabbit81
Hello whiterabbit and welcome. MiMi in NC. It is my guess that some days the FM pain will STOP you right in...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Getting Sick Sucks More???
Hello futurepcp....and welcome. MiMi in NC. Yes....this is true. I was sick for over 10 days and I still have...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: No Pain Bra
I have a zip front sports bra that zips in front and I love it. Can't find them anymore... these were New...More
Posted by duranie87
Reply: What Is YOUR Biggest Fibromyalgia Pet Peeve?
It iss a toss up for me. 1. I'm tired of being LABELED as a "pill head" by the pharmacy technicians and...More
Posted by duranie87
If you have not tried MyPainAway Fibro Cream, you do not know what you are missing. I tried this cream on a...More
Posted by regina8365
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Reply: peeling skin
I have problems with my skin as well, mostly on my face and neck. It gets so dry it's uncomfortable and then...More
Posted by badwolf5
Reply: New Member
Hello and Welcome 1Nancy . I am so glad you found us here. This a great site to come to for support...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Saturday - 3/28/2015 ******A special day *****
cece, Mimi and all. I too have had to be on prednisone and Oh My what an energy booster it is! But...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Hi! I'm newly diagnosed and have so many questions
Hello marie and welcome....MiMi in NC. 5 years without knowing what is going on with your health...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Sunday - 3/29/2015 *****
Good evening everyone, Mimi, if I listen to my body, I will hear screaming. I heard once that gardening...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia(2014) and Rheumatoid A...
Hello lambchops and welcome. MiMi in NC. I wanted to post a reply to your comment about Vitamin D and not...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Am I Being Dumped?
hey Lisa I am thinking they are trying to decrease their billing department. Having you pay up front and then...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: thankful in texas
Good mornig JUlie, Welcome to the Fmily and glad you are using the board for all it's value. As mimi said,...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Fibromyalgia
Morning Ani, I too respond to foods with reaction now that I changed my diet so much. What ever works in our...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: The MONSTER called "Fibromyalgia"
Good morning Darline, Yes it is tough and a monster, we call him a dragon....and he bites for sure. Please...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: What are the little round nodules all over the bod...
Hi, Take a look at Dercums Disease. I'm convinced that some of us suffering with these painful lumps, also...More
Posted by ginsdell
Reply: Do you have lumps?cyst with fibromyalgia?
Hi there, I have been diagnosed with FMS since I was 18 so 13 years or so And I have had lumps but just...More
Posted by hemig
Reply: Be your own advocate!
Well....glad you are joining in the conversation have a VERY important point..and it is SOOOO...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: TGIF*****Roll Call *****3/27/2015
Hi all...guess I have been out of the loop for a couple of days.. Nice weather here..sorry for all the cold...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: I'm in a fog
Hang in there! It looks like you have taken many positive steps. You don't have to figure it all out now. Let...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: I'm new to this
Hi An_262117, and welcome! Your rheumy should have done lots of bloodworm to rule out things like Lupus...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Thursday - 3/26/2015 *****
Good evening everyone, Cory, I'm sure sorry your knees are so bad. The GCMSM you are taking can take up to...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Hump Day - 3/25/2015 *****
Good evening everyone, Spent all afternoon yesterday at a car dealer. It was time for a new one. But 4 1/2...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: way too young
The dieting aspect was not something I was excited about but it truly has been such an amazing change for me!...More
Posted by lml7221
BTW just to keep you updated... I am scoped to have 3 more months of treatments until I am completely rid of...More
Posted by lml7221

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Vitamin D level checked ***
I encourage everyone who is having pain problems to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level......a simple blood test...and so very ... More
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