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Reply: Does today feel harder on anyone body, or is it ju...
Welcome, KyleWoo-- I hope no one is ever unkind to you here. You are not nuts about the weather; it affects...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Reply: WebMD Email
Personally, most of the Fibro articles, even those on WebMD are laughable. I love my rheumatologist, but...More
Posted by grumpygoat
Thursday - 8/27/2015 *****
Morning FMily. MiMi in NC and it is going to be another nice day....with temps in the 80's. I am hoping to get...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Fibromyalgia is Progressive Disease
Pathologic reports, indicating diseased ligaments in knee surgery patients, reported in Oxford Journal study...More
Posted by mari4hope

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Looking back to your childhood, did you experience fibromyalgia symptoms, such as sleep disorder or disturbances, RLS, oversensitivity to light and sound, or fibrofog?
Reply: New here
Hannah, Welcome! Glad you found this support group! Sorry you are having such a hard time right now. Know...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Hump Day - 8/26/2015 *****
Good Wednesday to all. It was a nice day in Kansas. High 90's A rough 2nd day of work. My DD was sick at...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Tuesday - 8/25/2015 *****
Good evening, Had cooler temps-high 90s and heavy cloud cover, (= humidity). In the distance there is...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Monday, Monday - 8/24/2015 ******School starts tod...
Good Monday afternoon, My cleaning gal came over this morning,(she went on a 40 mile hike last week). We...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Sunday - 8/23/2015 *****
Good evening everyone. It was colder and wet here all day today. The wind was blowing strong as well. We had...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Digestive issues
My daily routine involves Miralax. You have to experiment for what dose works for you but it is gentle and...More
Posted by camella1
Reply: What is the most 'harmful' chore for you
Hi Nancy, Can you tell me more about the trigger point injections? Does your Rheumatologist give you...More
Posted by camella1
Reply: Saturday - 8/22/2015 *******School starts Monday
Good evening everyone, Not bad today, in the 90s here in central AZ. It's beginning to feel like Sept. air...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: MTHFR - Nana B*****
OK a quick read....this is a genetic key in the folate (Vit pathway. It causes increased Homocysteine levels...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Rough day at PT Continue or stop?
OUCH...I could even continue to read the story. They are not treating you...we can't do all those things! We...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: disruption of routine is bad, but being a new gran...
Oh congratulations and welcome to the fmily! I will say the grands are good medicine BUT they disrupt us...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: peeling skin
Julie, This can be a fungus that loves to act up in summer with moisture or if you are in water a lot. There...More
Posted by booch007
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Reply: Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
Doll bug, I had no idea Dr. Pellegrino was no longer overseeing the posts. What a disappointment!!! We are lucky...More
Posted by hop63
Reply: Nausea and vomiting with FM
hello this is the first time i actually found others who get nausea also
Posted by freespiritlynn
Reply: Friday Roll Call
TGIF - really!!! Not that hot here (80), but very humid (85%), and I turned on the ACs before I made my...More
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Thursday - 8/20/2015 ***** School Countdown
That rots! I'm crying for you. LouMore
Posted by katmandulou
Reply: Hump Day - 8/19/2015 ******school countdown 4 days...
Good Wed. evening, Have been having dry weather but not as hot as last week! Strange weather for central...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Saturday - 8/15/2015 *****8 days before School beg...
Cory, have a wonderful trip! Enjoy everything ya hear! Gentle hugs my friend, Linda RMore
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Tuesday - 8/18/2015 *****School countdown *****
Hello Fran and thank you for your concern. Yes. My foot met a large bag of dog food and my little toe came out...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Sudden Overwhelming Fatigue/Sleep Attacks
I agree there must be some connection. I wish some research would be done in this area. Since our condition is...More
Posted by hop63
Reply: Monday, Monday - 8/17/2015 *****School countdown
oops...wrote my Monday post on Sat.? I think ...things are little confused !!! oh well..hopefully a better...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: Sunday - 8/16/2015 *****School is right around the...
Cory you wrote this on your phone? You are the man....I wouldn't even think to open this up on my phone. That...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: How long are you on the WebMD support board??
Mel, I think you have to write "your story" on your page. Click on your name and see your page. You are right...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Contrave?
Wow. That's so good to hear it's helped the fibro. I haven't started it still, but am closer to making a...More
Posted by lizle23
Reply: Clenching jaws
Hi MiMi, I haven't tried wrist braces but will look into that. The Epsom salts also sound like a good idea....More
Posted by camella1
Reply: No deep sleep
Sleeping is an issue for a lot of us. What did the center do with your information? Who ordered the test? That...More
Posted by booch007

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Weight Loss and pain
I am a 43 yr old female with fibromyalgia and numerous other dx's attached to my medical records...overweight, depressed, immune ... More
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