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is there anyone 1 on
Posted by tyjoky
Reply: Hump Day 3/4/15
Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well Cory. It must be the weather. Today was the first time in a long...More
Posted by baddogdgs
Reply: Hump Day *****3/4/2015 *****
so sorry to hear take care....I hope you feel better soon...cece
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: THURSDAY 3-5-15
Thanks Mel...for getting things started... I am dragging along this week...went over to dad's a couple of...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Just another note about what Classical Acupuncture - this is a specific teaching from Chinese Acupuncture....More
Posted by lml7221
Reply: Hot Flashes worse during a fibro flare?
Believe it or not, guys get these too. All winter long I have struggled to regulate my temperature. It is...More
Posted by baddogdgs
Reply: girlfriend with fibro- how can i help?
Welcome. Sorry to hear your girlfriend has FM. It is wonderful that you want to be supportive. The long distant...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Sharing the toolbox
Thank you for posting this Nancy! When I sleep on my back, the back of my head and neck are sore when I...More
Posted by baddogdgs
Having Fibro is like sailing...
When the wind changes you adjust your sail.
Posted by baddogdgs
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Accupucture and pain relief
Hi, I am fairly new and am happy to have found this nice group of fellow survivors. I am trying to thrive and...More
Posted by An_261348
Reply: fibro and humana
I feel your pain. I had been getting my meds through patient assistance programs. It took years to get them...More
Posted by infinity49
Reply: Men with fibro?
Thanks Cory, it means a lot and you have good advice. In 2013 I had a medicine overload with Focalin,...More
Posted by baddogdgs
Reply: loosing my words and mind
Yes well im 20 dignosed a year ago by a.neurosergeon i was referred to by my pcp. My pcp is very good shes...More
Posted by herbalx3
Reply: Tuesday - 3/3/2015 *****17 days until *spring*.......
Good evening all, Sorry you are all getting bit by this very cold weather. Looks like you know how to deal...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: way too young
"Can you believe that as far back as I was like 11-13 or so I had pain!!!!!!!" Actually YES, I can totally...More
Posted by lml7221
Reply: For All our new members
I'm so glad to have found you,I feel so alone,most family and friends don't u,understand the fibro and it...More
Posted by dinasour88
Reply: Monday, Monday - 3/2/2015 ******
Thank you Cory And Mimi...for the birthday wishes...went to bed early last night..and still feeling like I...More
Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
Posted by fibroinsd
Reply: Nausea and vomiting with FM
I have been suffering from FM since my second child which has been a little bit under a year and was just...More
Posted by goncalvm
Reply: Vitamin D level checked ***
Thank you Mimi! Today is my first visit to your community. Seems like a gold mine of good info and folks...More
Posted by marlakay1
Having Mononeucleosis with my Fibro
Anyone here dealt with this hellish combo? EXTREME fatigue and aches x2. I'm looking for any remedies to...More
Posted by marlakay1
Reply: meds for pain relief
An_261676, I have not tried Xyrem. I hope that someone responds and will give you some information. I take...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Sunday - 3/1/2015 ***** is MARCH and spri...
A good Sunday evening to you all, Our day was very slow and quiet as I don't want to spread this virus...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: Saturday 2/28/15 The last day of the month already...
This ear infection is getting worse but I really needed to do a few things today. My German Shedder REALLY...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: common drugs for...
Cymbalta worked very well for me for pain, but the fatigue worsened and I had no focus,(couldn't understand...More
Posted by desertwind
Reply: FM Link for video
Thank you for the link. I have signed up to the newsletter and read several different articles, I have now...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: TGIF*****2/27/2015 *****Roll Call *****Ice in NC *...
MiMi I have tried 5 HTP. I take it now in a combination. I take a very low dose. 50mg The combination is B6,...More
Posted by melpom
Reply: Saturday - 2/28/2015 *****
Good Saturday to one and to all. I hope my post finds each of you in a good place today and that you...More
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: New to sharing with others!
Good morning Mel, Absolutely ...if your doctor is not a fit for you, get another one. They are people too and...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: The Distraction Corner
OK this is a good start. MUSIC is for me the medicine I take daily. I have it on in the office, at home:...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Need to vent !
sorry forgot the link!! More
Posted by itsmyifeuk

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Vitamin D level checked ***
I encourage everyone who is having pain problems to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level......a simple blood test...and so very ... More
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