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Reply: My Trigger Point Injections
Thanks Mim and JR, I am doing better. Working on my head....I took off yesterday and have 5 days off in...More
Posted by booch007
GOOD FRIDAY*****4/18/2014 *****TGIF****
Good Friday to each of you....Friday before Easter. MiMi in NC and I am so glad the sun is shining. It is...More

Posted by dollbug
Reply: Do I really have fibro
So you have been dealing with chronic pain since 1994....... Part of the definition of FM is pain that has...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Fatigue
Mel, What meds are you taking?? Do you snore?? You might need a sleep study. So many people are dealing with a...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Explaining symptoms to people?
Great post Bette.......... I too wish you well in telling the people around you. Don't expect them to...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Grateful/Thankful -tool
Oh you hit the nail on the head!! This tool is very powerful. "Counting your blessings", looking at what is a...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Gabapentin
Good morning, I too had trouble with taking Gabapentin, I was loopy just using a 100mg cap at night at...More
Posted by booch007
Reply: Thursday *****4/17/2014 *****
Bette- I've used that recipe with chocolate cake mix. I believe I just used the mix and the pumpkin,...More
Posted by Anon_10089
Reply: Gabapentin
Hi.. I have neck too-- c-5, 6,7 probably some issues in thoracic also some in lumbar and SI joints all...More
Posted by missist
Reply: When your doctor won't prescribe narcotics: Tips f...
This is very helpful. I think the way things work regarding painkillers is appalling. I agree the pills...More
Posted by An_256776
Reply: Chronic Fatigue ****Dr. Oz. Rhodiola Rosea
melpomene, this is the post I wanted you to see. I thought I would just reply to it to bring it back up so...More

Posted by dollbug

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Rhodiola Rosea ***have you ever tried this to improve fatigue?
Reply: Do you know what day it is??? Do you? 4/16/2014 *...
Oh, Cory, You could really feel the warmth in your photo. How beautiful. How majestic. Aren't...More
Posted by bette_kaffitz
Reply: Zyflamend
Thanks for the reply. I will post results. Hopefully it will help.
Posted by melpomene
Reply: my psychologist doesn't believe in fibromyalgia
Oh also-- autopsy and biopsy results have shown 'ragged red fibers' in the red muscle tissue of fibro patients...More
Posted by missist
Has anyone tried Accupuncture?
I'm really wondering if this might help some, but am leary of the cost since I insurance won't cover. Has it...More
Posted by missist
Reply: why and how?
I am 56, I got fibro in my 20s. My family back then did not believe in it and some were happy to say so. Even...More
Posted by missist
Reply: Mattress Recommendations?
I also must say, I have had the same 8 inch memory foam mattress since my husdand entered the army, he bought...More
Posted by faelord
Reply: Questions on Gabapentin
I don't understand all this about Gabapentin making you gain weight. I've taken it for about 5 years and now...More
Posted by callyanne
Reply: Fibromyalgia and Non-epileptic seizures?
Bit embaressing but i too suffer from these but only when i smoked marijuana back in the day. After the third...More
Posted by taylam
Leg Cramps
Morning Fmily I was reading some older posts on leg cramps because I get them at night in my left foot and...More
Posted by missshortyd
Reply: New here
Thank you so much. My heart breaks for each and every person on here, knowing what each of you are going...More
Posted by patricia314
Reply: Tuesday ****April 15, 2014****TAX DAY DEADLINE****
Good afternoon everyone. It is cool here and we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow. They are talking...More
Posted by mnjeepguy
Reply: Spouse just does not get it
I hope I don't offend you, but it is not "Spouse just does not get it" it sounds more like spouse is a...More
Posted by Anon_2912
Reply: fybromyalgia/Lyrica
Morningstar and all, It is so easy to forget just what most of the meds used to treat fibromyalgia...More
Posted by bette_kaffitz
Reply: Monday, Monday.....4/14/2014*****
Well, welcome home, wherever that may be! I am new to these discussions. I live in Ohio and we had rain all...More
Posted by parthina
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Reply: Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
Thank you MiMi, I am doing ok and yes I take 50,000 units a week of Vitamin D. It is just so many doctors...More
Posted by parthina
It is Sad without the BEST Insurance!
I really think it is sad that life's circumstances, Such as the death of a spouse or other medical conditions...More
Posted by parthina
Reply: There are ups and downs with fibro
Bette, I am 22 years old and this is my first time visiting and online FM support group. I cannot believe that...More
Posted by ls1409
Reply: Sunday - 4/13/2014 *****
Cory, it's gonna be a hard frost tomorrow night. So not outta the winter woods yet. -83D-E22
Posted by rudyandirmouse
Reply: Pain after eating whole body tried to end life
I am definitely going to try this. I have thyroid which slows down your digestive track. I had such a bad week...More
Posted by djunbun

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Welcome to Our FMily! My name is MeMe, I'm an FM suffer of 19 years, along with autoimmune diseases & other conditions. ... More
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