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Reply: need tips for losing weight and finding motivation
To loose weight, what one must need is strong determination whatever the weight one has. I have seen many...More
Posted by maxprovust
Conditions sad that people may be having
Conditions sad that people may be having so I still don't see any questions are you this him would you...More
Posted by everienoch43
Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products
I'm here to do much requested skincare video I'm want to buy this video in time morning asking carotene am...More
Posted by dgdfgdfgfgfd
You're awesome, remember that.
Posted by rileyfresh
grapefruit to loose weight
While exercising when you eat grapefruits it helps to kill and burn the fatty tissue I weighed 125 lbs. a...More
Posted by dwhite2014
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pre & post workout help
I completed 1 month of GNC Genetic HD supplements for pre and post workout along with a better diet and...More
Posted by elrod51
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Crossfit Box
Does anyone know of a good Crossfit Box in the Humble, TX area?
Posted by An_263039
Best Workout Supplements
If I would like to gain muscle mass and work out 3 times a week with medium to heavy lifting, should I be...More
Posted by An_263017
Arms exercises
What web site is the best to get basic arm exercises for firming up the backs of your arms?
Posted by An_255027
Moderate Workout Time to Improve Adherence
I found that when I reduced my workout time form 45 min to 30 min, I completed more workouts and total exercise...More
Posted by Ucity1
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Reply: staying on schedule
I was able to find this article that explains how shift work may slow down your metabolism and it gives...More
Posted by atti_editor
exercising with pace maker and defibulator with he...
I was curious what kind od exercise can I do with a pace maker, defibulator and heart function at 20...More
Posted by dlbarnes2014
Reply: Simple meal plans
Google. MichelleMore
Posted by bigred53
Information about Beginners Crossfit
Where can I look for information to get started on Crossfit? I need a very basic beginner's approach.
Posted by leo111
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Reply: Pre Workout Energy and Performance Drinks
What I was hoping to get from this post was if a "pre-workout" drink (like NOS, or Vega has one too that I am...More
Posted by anwell
Reply: penis exercise
OK. I'll bite... How do you hang weights off your "boyz"? More
Posted by brunosbud
Exercises to treat post inguinal hernia surgery
Hi, I had inguinal hernia surgery about 4 months ago and am still experiencing pain and discomfort. My...More
Posted by petekamps
Workout for Night Shift Workers
I hope there will be someone who can advise NIGHT SHIFT WORKERS about healthy living. I assume that night...More
Posted by mjapelingon
Get Healthy
Do Crossfit! Its for everyone. All ages and fitness levels.
Posted by An_255477
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Reply: Hello
Welcome to the community! I hope that you will find this a valuable place for fitness and exercise...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Tempo Runs for Treadmill
Here are a handful of treadmill exercise plans that can help you boost your workout time. There are 60-...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Plateau, how do you get around it?
Plateaus are certainly the most frustrating thing aren't they? It sounds like you are doing the right...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Bikram Yoga
Generally, you should be healthy to do this kind of yoga. Bikram yoga is not suggested to people with...More
Posted by jox29
Reply: Losing weight and increasing energy
Glad to hear this! What did you do to feel that way?
Posted by jox29
Reply: Exercise
Good for you! How is it going?
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: just starting exercising habit
You walked a mile. Awesome!!! Keep it up!!! One week do 1 mile, the next week add a mile and 1/2 and so...More
Posted by Jenniferdec7
Hitting that 200 pound mark
Last week I stepped on the scale and was astonished at how much weight I have gained over the last two years....More
Posted by An_262113
Ear Pressure and headache after two months of exer...
I am skinny but have big belly fat so I was trying to get rid of belly fat. (5'7" and 154 ibs, Male). I started...More
Posted by ies102
Reply: Not losing weight.
Try this is six weeks worth of 15 minute workouts. Easy to...More
Posted by reaghan37
Reply: squat exercise after knee replacement
I'm interested in other responses, as well. I didn't have knee surgery but am still suffering from a broken...More
Posted by candacemore

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Interval TrainingExpert
Hello Everyone, I mentioned in my Losing Belly Fat post that aerobic exercise will help, and if you want to increase your fitness quickly ... More
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