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if you havent done it in a while don't overdo it the frist week or two.
Posted by An_263970
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Reply: Is your "heart rate" on your treadmill a good indi...
This article does a good job of explaining the importance of your target heart rate during exercise, and...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Treadmill vs. Outdoors
While I don't know if it is healthier perse, but I find exercising outdoors to be more satisfying than...More
Posted by jabber12341428
Intro to crossfit
What is the best way to show a beginner how to start training for crossfit?
Posted by An_263848
Reply: Fit Body at 40 May Keep Brain Bright at 60
Most of my commute is by foot, so I get a few miles a day without putting a lot thought into it.
Signed on the line that is dotted.
Posted by howard_live_ffp0209
Water aerobics
Water aerobics does not put the stress on your knees, ankles and/or back.
Posted by An_263754
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Reply: Advocare
Hi, AdvoCare is the number one health and wellness company in America, and my husband and I have had...More
Posted by ucadvocaremom
Instead of the old safe routines, join a crossfit and before you know it the hour passes by and in a few weeks...More
Posted by rmr1970
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Reply: Oxygen mask while sleeping
Howabout deep breathing meditation excetcises, do they help sleep?? Performance???
Posted by xxbingo
There is an app that you can download for free - 7 minute workout. Has anyone tried this? What did you think? ...More
Posted by diverafb
Problem Exercising due to Collarbone popping out
Hello, I've had problems working out for a while because my collarbone pops out when I lift my arms over my head...More
Posted by gezas
Reply: Exercise After 60
Question, An_260287: Can you "jump"? Can you perform "lunges"? Can you do "squats"? The reason I ask is...More
Posted by brunosbud
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Reply: Diet Questions?
Louise_WebMD_Staff, this is exactly the forum for me. I do not want a "diet" ... I want a whole-person...More
Posted by a911mando
What diameter is the ball that is most common to use?
Posted by An_260149
Reply: ABS
Sit on exercise ball and do crunches.
Posted by mimix245565
Exercise after 60
I need some good low impact exercise suggestions.
Posted by An_260287
Exercise at Your Desk
I do stretching and some exercising at my desk.
Posted by mackysback2
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Is Crossfit beneficial or is it harmful? There are many different opinions in the exercise community.
Posted by An_263571
Reply: Diet and exercise
Eat less volume, less calories, less refined carbohydrates and tone muscle mass, particularly abdomen and...More
Posted by An_263558
oil rub
rub olive oil on rectum
Posted by An_263555
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Strenght and Cardio
Today did Back strength training and Spin bike 8.09 miles
Posted by Johnnybionic
Reply: Leg Cramps
Are you taking any prescription drugs? That could be a factor. MichelleMore
Posted by bigred53
Exercise at home
What are easy and effective exercises you can do at home?
Posted by An_263496
Exercise at home
What are easy and effective exercises you can do at home?
Posted by An_263496
I hate to exercise too!
Posted by An_260026
Reply: Concerned Parent - daughter in ER in another state
There's a general rule of thumb: If you're experiencing severe pain, chronic headache, high fever,...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Hate to exercise
People "exercise" because it prevents disease, makes you look & feel better and promotes beauty and slows...More
Posted by brunosbud
Lifting during work week
Trying to figure out when I can lift on days working 12 hour shift
Posted by An_263152
weight gain
you will see weight gain for the first month or so then it will drop off your body is trying to compensate...More
Posted by alcon21357
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Reply: Can't loose weight
How are your eating habits? I have lost 68 pounds in 3 months by lowering my calorie intake and working out...More
Posted by undefined

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Water aerobics
Water aerobics does not put the stress on your knees, ankles and/or back. More
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