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Exercise buddy
Are there any groups where people get together to make new friends and exercise or go walking together?
Posted by Joann1117
Reply: Foot Goes Numb
Numb phone or foot? You need to warm up, then stretch, then jog, then stretch more. It may be your shoes are...More
Posted by beccah
Reply: Artificial Sweeteners
Yeahh...Some of artificial sweeteners raises insulin level as much as sugar
Posted by lisacolnett
Marathon Training
I've incorporated tempo runs, speed workouts and hill work into my training regime. These have all helped me...More
Posted by An_264898
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Getting fit through the pain
I recently had a fall. I was unable to move for about three weeks, even had to use a back support. By the...More
Posted by An_264863
Reply: Every time I do an intense work out, I throw up
We live our life on the premise our behaviors cause no permanent harm to us, long-term. I mean, nobody would ...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Light exercise
Inversion therapy would be good for relieving your back pain. A rowing machine will give you a low impact...More
Posted by raptor555
Healthy Energy Drink
A friend turned me onto a product from Advocare called Spark. Very few calories and gives me an energy boost...More
Posted by dadwheels
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Core Workouts
Does anyone have a good core workout to prep for snowboarding/skiing?
Posted by rmnica23
I have been doing the T25 workout. has anybody else?
Posted by An_264813
lack of sleep
I have been having a hard time getting enough sleep, just started trying out yoga before bed time and seems like...More
Posted by subig
Stevia user
I have used Stevia for is not the best tasting, but I like that it is calorie free.
Posted by Vicki2015
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Easy Cardio Exercises for Seniors to Do at Home
It is natural for people to find themselves loosing stamina as they age. Aerobic capacity, muscle strength,...More
Posted by lisacolnett
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Reply: Sedentary Worker's Way to Better Health
What kind of things do you snack on? That can make a world of difference. If you snack on crunchy vegetables...More
Posted by bigred53
I rediscovered Zumba and am getting great results. Such a fun activity!
Posted by An_259978
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Reply: need to know if anyone knows about a certain diet ...
You do not "burn" fat off your body. You don't "walk" fat off your body, either. Your body has to consume the...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Indian Summer Diet Pills
Hi, do you know where I can buy Indian Summer diet pills, it really work. Kind REgardsMore
Posted by TINKIEAME1
Reply: scale not moving!
There is no comparison between the nutritional value and health benefits of real food vs food from a box (or...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: My fitnesspal app
LOVE the MFP app and site for tracking. they have the BEST food database out there. and it's relatively easy...More
Posted by An_264481
Lower Back Pain
I hurt my back a while back from bending down, and I was in a lot of pain for 2 months. SInce then, the pain...More
Posted by An_264449
Clothes ill-fitting after starting a workout progr...
About a month ago, roughly a week after starting a three-day a week exercise boot camp, I started to notice...More
Posted by An_264428
Iphone Exercise App
Does anyone know a good Iphone Exercise App?
Posted by An_264327
Weight Lifting After Bariatric Surgery
I am interested if others who have had bariatric surgery have had trouble building muscle mass post surgery?
Posted by An_264325
Unusual muscle injuries
Hello, Five years ago I pushed myself too hard doing leg exercises and injured my calves. I began having...More
Posted by messy1349
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Reply: I need help now...type 2 diabetic
I will help you out with some tips. Get physical Cut down calories. Feast on fiber Eat breakfast Eat mini...More
Posted by lisacolnett
Good exercise app
A good exercise app for powerlifting/bodybuilding for droid phones is the 5/3/1 app. It is a spreadsheet that...More
Posted by An_264223
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Reply: Feeling Hopeless
Thank you Lisa Same to youMore
Posted by nita4788
Muscle Building
What are the best set and rep ranges to maximize hypertrophy?
Posted by casey39493
Reply: Exercise at home
jumping jacks, pushups, leg lifts, jogging in place, squats, dancing, step exercise
Posted by lisacolnett
Reply: No time to exercise
Some people are forced to work two full time jobs. Business start-ups is even more demanding. I've done both...More
Posted by brunosbud

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Change your workout
A lack of motivation may mean that your workout is too tedious. For example, if your doing lots of mind-numbing slow cardio, you could ... More
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