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Reply: Temptation to eat candy bars and ice cream
The problem with dried fruit imo is that it is very calorie dense and a serving is usually only a couple of...More
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Walking Music
Group 1 Crew, TobyMac, Jaci Velasquez, Britt Nicole
Posted by salsaintheblender
Reply: Running music
Hi! You might want to try some music by Group 1 Crew and TobyMac. Not everything from these artists...More
Posted by salsaintheblender
Reply: How to get started exersising
There's a lot of guilt being a parent these days, especially, when you had two great parents of your own. So...More
Posted by brunosbud
Rid of belly fat
running intermittently helps a lot. run a lap slow, then run one fast and do this several times to get the...More
Posted by bigdaddyy827
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Reply: Paleo Diet
I like this diet, but it is so hard to stick to. The carb cravings get so intense after a few days. I do find...More
Posted by PCInsTech
Belly Fat
I found the best way was during a lot of core exercises to firm the stomach and back muscles. Also learning...More
Posted by An_259612
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Best Time to Workout ?
I have two 2 time slots available for my daily workout - early before I leave for work or after work. Which of...More
Posted by RealD

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Curb your appitite
Try losing the wheat, sugar and simple carbs. Try good snacks like nuts and low GI fruit.
Posted by RonnieTLa
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Losing Belly Fat
What is the best exercise to do to lose belly fat?
Posted by An_259892
Strength training
Any recommendations on how to encorporate strength training into your daily workout routine?
Posted by An_259880
I need to find a way to stay motivated. Exercise is important, I get that. It's just so easy not to go.
Posted by luckycharm4573
Reply: Running long distances
Consider a shoe change. It can make a huge difference.
Posted by JPRun
Find a coach
Can you find a friend to encourage you? Or better yet a personal trainer that can help you identify a routine...More
Posted by JPRun
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Weight Lifting Intensity
Studies show that a 1 hour weight lifting session, actually lifting is less than 9 minutes. With that in...More
Posted by RileyFresh
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Protein is key!
Workout + Protein + Low Carbs + Low surgar = Getting fit fast.
Posted by MPRich
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How can i curve my appetite?
Posted by jeffred1
Low back pain and exercise?
Does anyone know if it's safe to exercise your low back while you have low back strain?
Posted by elhombre1
Reply: Healthy Living
I wrote a post the other day on food quality served at restaurants, now. As utility & energy prices have...More
Posted by brunosbud
Does Anyone know of any good FREE walking videos?
I do a lot of working out to Leslie Sansone and Jessica Smith. I have purchased quite a few of both their...More
Posted by charchar5595
Reply: Workout Music
A YouTube search for safety dance shows Flashdance in the suggested pane! Wewt!More
Posted by freyjah
Reply: Overwhelmed & Need Advice
Sorry about all the typos. I meant I can't take the meds. Not mess. And I'm 5'4" not 5"!
Posted by freyjah
Time to run
I am starting to run more myself. I to get myself going i just have to set a time and go no matter what. In...More
Posted by An_259700
Running for fun
I run a lot and using the app Spodify is a great way to open my music options to help motivate myself.
Posted by An_259687

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Reply: Getting Back On Track
Like Nike says 'just do it!' Seriously though get clearance from your doctor and then start slowly. MichelleMore
Posted by bigred53
Reply: Can't run!!!
I would go get that checked out. I was having trouble with running etc and mine ending up being my IT...More
Posted by alyssayourish
Reply: Weight Training
when it gets too easy that is when i say increase your weights
Posted by alyssayourish
Reply: Workout Plans/Resources
KC0919 have you tried looking into accountability groups online?
Posted by alyssayourish
Reply: Problems staying in Diet....
it is all about moderation! clean eating and exercise will help you stay on track along with portion...More
Posted by alyssayourish

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Rich is an exercise physiologist and certified diabetes educator. He is director of the New York Obesity Research Center Weight Loss Program at St. Lu...More

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Shin Splint
In my experiance If you are recieving shin splint, it is caused from running hill toe, rather that flat footed. I went from not runnning to ... More
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