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Reply: Will I get lean and fit continuing this? Or what s...
Continue what you're doing and watch what you eat. Particularly, white starches,...More
Posted by brunosbud
Reply: Why wont I loose weight?
I'm glad I read your post. You explained the complicated process of rehabilitating your...More
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Reply: walking versus jogging
Rwr8277, thx for your comments. Would it be safe to say that you take no medications on a...More
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Reply: walking vs jogging
There's few better ways to relieve stress than dog walking, and, for this reason, I think...More
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Reply: exhausted muscles after mild exercise,why?
Rule #1: Be aware of signs of overexertion: breathlessness, dizziness, tightness or pain...More
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Reply: Exercise induced diarrhea
I read the article you referenced, then, smiled... Under the section entitled Foods To...More
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Reply: over coming the thoughts
It is both a mental and physical challenge. You've spent years "tricking" your body into...More
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Reply: Weight Loss & Feeling Tired With Age
What's your "priorities" ? What do you "value" ? Out of 840 waking minutes a day, you...More
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