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Reply: Not losing weight
Your BMI is 25.4 That's 0.4 points away from a healthy weight, and since you...More
Reply: Not losing weight
What is your height and weight, and how do you know your BMR is 1600?
Reply: Can you lose more then 2lbs per week healthily?
There's always the risk of breaking down muscle (protein) and throwing off...More
Reply: Vaginal bleeding after workout?
I don't know why this is happening. It sounds like you should consult with your...More
Reply: knee stiffness
Ok, got it. Good luck with it, and again, if you find a solution please let me...More
Reply: Burning Sensation in the feet while running
I've known others who have this problem too. Since you don't sweat that much in...More
Reply: Exercise and Hunger
I don't know of any appetite regulation that involves cravings for fiber. Salt...More
Reply: exercise at 48
There are many variables that will affect the outcome including gender, body...More
Reply: Post-workout Illness
Ok, got it. If you ever do get the right answer please post back. Take care....More
Reply: Exercise Equipment for Osteoprosis
Hi Wefuut, I recommend exercise tubing for resistance exercise. A machine...More