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Joined: 02/09/2013
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I started this journey in October 2011. I hired a personal trainer. She moved on but not before helping me lose 80 lbs. I quickly regained 50 of those pounds before getting off my behind and finding a new trainer. Actually what motivated me to start moving again was the fact that I had gone to my dentist and had my partial resized because it had become to big with my 80 lb weight loss. I was not about to go back to my dentist and ask her to make it bigger because I couldn't control my eating habits. She is a great dentist and would have done it for me but she would have been disappointed and I would have felt awful. I started training again in May of 2012 and have lost a total of 80 lbs with my new trainer. I have had a total weight loss of 109 lbs since 2011. My trainer is also a wrestling coach for a local school and I have been essentially going it alone for about 4 months now. I continue to lose weight but I'm not sure if it is fat or muscle I am losing. I have been able to maintain some activity in my daily life. My job requires me to sit in one spot for 8 hrs a day and that makes maintaining a descent activity level very difficult. After sitting ALL day I don't feel like working out. But...I do...sometimes. I have admitted to and faced the fact that I AM A FOOD ADDICT! I had to completely change the way I looked at food. It took months before I could control my impulses to eat all the bad stuff that the food-pushers out there tempt us with. And this job I mentioned earlier is a constant barage of food. there is a "pot-luck" every week it seems. Since I have changed my take on food from being a source of pleasure to a source of fuel for my body it is not so difficult to say no to the crappy "food" society flaunts at us at every turn of our daily lives. I have had this job since July 2012 so obviously it is not interfering with my weight loss. I am bound and determined to lose it and keep it off. I am NOT on a diet...I have changed my life. I love to workout with my coach! I HATE to workout alone! I LOVE to go on walks with my best IPOD! I walk almost everyday. I start back with weight training 3 times a week mid February. I forgot to mention...I REVERSED MY DIABETES! it will be official in April when I get my A1C tested again but in December my doctor told me I am no longer a diabetic and she will close my case in April 2013!

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