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Good exercise app
A good exercise app for powerlifting/bodybuilding for droid phones is the 5/3/1 app. It is a spreadsheet that...More
Posted by An_264223
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if you havent done it in a while don't overdo it the frist week or two.
Posted by An_263970
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Water aerobics
Water aerobics does not put the stress on your knees, ankles and/or back.
Posted by An_263754
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Instead of the old safe routines, join a crossfit and before you know it the hour passes by and in a few weeks...More
Posted by rmr1970
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Exercise at Your Desk
I do stretching and some exercising at my desk.
Posted by mackysback2
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oil rub
rub olive oil on rectum
Posted by An_263555
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weight gain
you will see weight gain for the first month or so then it will drop off your body is trying to compensate...More
Posted by alcon21357
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grapefruit to loose weight
While exercising when you eat grapefruits it helps to kill and burn the fatty tissue I weighed 125 lbs. a...More
Posted by dwhite2014
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pre & post workout help
I completed 1 month of GNC Genetic HD supplements for pre and post workout along with a better diet and...More
Posted by elrod51
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Moderate Workout Time to Improve Adherence
I found that when I reduced my workout time form 45 min to 30 min, I completed more workouts and total exercise...More
Posted by Ucity1
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Get Healthy
Do Crossfit! Its for everyone. All ages and fitness levels.
Posted by An_255477
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when to exercise
I like exercising first thing in the morning. The alarm needs to be across the room so that you get up....More
Posted by An_262063
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Keep going!
I have the SAME problem. i'm 5' 0" and have gone months working my rear off lifting and running and mixing...More
Posted by steffibaby42
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Helping Your Exercise Program
If exercising isn't working to reduce weight, your diet may be the problem. Consistently cut your...More
Posted by OilMan41
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Tips for weight loss
I have found that having a great support system works good. Those friends and family that give you motivation...More
Posted by An_261744
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Try to limit yourself to 32 grams of sugar for women, and 45 grams of sugar for men. A lot of labels, if...More
Posted by mandalynn81641
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please read food labels
read all labels on food packages always help me to know how much sodium or carbs are in my food. So when I...More
Posted by Rwill85436
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More exercise, less calories.
It's just math.
Posted by An_261361
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Rock out wherever you're exercising!!! Great music makes all the difference in the world
Posted by follow_your_heart
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Exercise every day and you can be a new you.
Posted by junie58
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Healthy Year
Looking forward to a healhty 2015!
Posted by annon193245
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Need a Structured Plan?
With the beginning of the New Year, I decided it was time to get back into the shape I was in college....More
Posted by fitgirl69985
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Boring Treadmill
Since I'm not aware of your physical state, please refer to a medical professional before doing this. HIT...More
Posted by Schlub101
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Various Cardio
To help stay motivated on cardio, try to work in games. Basketball and soccer are great, competitive ways to...More
Posted by An_261130
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Water aerobics
Water aerobics does not put the stress on your knees, ankles and/or back. More
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