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Substitute Seltzer
If you want to try something with a different texture than water, try drinking flavored seltzer water. You...More
Posted by BWPat102
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A Younger You
I am 67 yrs. young, I try and drink at least 64 to 110 oz., of water per day. I take a Centrum 50+...More
Posted by Bobby8243
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Drink Water
Drink plenty of water when I ran the Cape Cod Rely where you run sleep run again your can get real burned...More
Posted by Tomsway95764
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Eat your veggies
Try and eat at least 4 cups of fresh vegetables a day. Sautae' them in some Coconut oil - measure everything.More
Posted by Gbar1
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Try stretching twice a week, and using resistance bands to help improve flexibility.
Posted by Mattm24801
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Walk, bike, swim, run around your neighborhood. Quicker, cheaper, always open and invite a neighbor to go...More
Posted by Trekker1517
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losing weight
I am losing weight by counting calories. I am half way to my goal of losing 34 pounds. I find
Posted by labcurious
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Drinking water helps with weight loss by being a filler
Posted by Hend45
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Where to walk
Walk in a mall or big box stores so it is more interesting than a treadmill. And it's free! You can do it in...More
Posted by claire747
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Don't Eat late
Make it a practice to never eat a meal less than 2 hrs before bed.
Posted by bikejunkie36663
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This is Sparta!!!!
Dont live and die by the scale. Keep working no matter what it says!
Posted by RickieBobbie
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Have your iron level checked
For the last two years I was totally exhausted when I got home from work. After I cooked dinner, it was...More
Posted by clatterbuck1
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buddy system
try to get someone to workout with you, this will help with accountability and you have to go so you...More
Posted by house4running
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Exercise routine weekly
Doing water aerobics 3 times a week for 1 hour. Zumba 1 time a week for 1 hour Exercise equipment and weights...More
Posted by An_258501
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Shin Splint
In my experiance If you are recieving shin splint, it is caused from running hill toe, rather that flat footed....More
Posted by kwkarl
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Eliminate Diet Soda From Your Diet -
99% of all diet soda contains significant quantities of aspartame, a chemical that confuses our bodies and is...More
Posted by johnbevil
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Marathon Training
Find a training schedule that works for you and stick to it. Don't run more than it tells you even if you...More
Posted by An_258039
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Consult with a personal trainer when possible.
Posted by An_258013
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Eating regular breakfast can help weight loss
I was told so 6 month ago, and then I just want to try for a while. In a month, I reduced 5 lb in weight without...More
Posted by wwert
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Quality sleep begets well-being and health
When a person is deprived of good sleep, or if sleep is disruptive or disordered, the person's mood,...More
Posted by michelleellen
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Stomach fat
For people targeting stomach fat, just remember that you can't really "target" body fat. Eating right and...More
Posted by An_257699
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Doing well with my diet
Well a month ago I weighed in at 218 and today I am 209 now only if my leg would stop hurting so I can get...More
Posted by lovenj41
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Rich is an exercise physiologist and certified diabetes educator. He is director of the New York Obesity Research Center Weight Loss Program at St. Lu...More

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Change your workout
A lack of motivation may mean that your workout is too tedious. For example, if your doing lots of mind-numbing slow cardio, you could ... More
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