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Skin testing question
Clara had some skin testing done yesterday and the doctor said that her milk allergy...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: Skin testing question
Yeah, we go in every 6 months. The numbers our allergist uses are to indicate the size...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: Substitute teacher ignored DD's complaint
So scary! It seems like no matter what you do to make sure there safe something can...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: First reaction first day of school
Oh wow... poor baby to have to go through that on her first day of school! At least the...More
Posted by heather7257
Great News!
Clara had an allergy apt. yesterday and got retested for milk and eggs (he wanted to...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: Possible Latex Allergy
I agree with Deb. People can be allergic to anything, and highly unlikely doesn't mean...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: Horseradish allergy?
I know that horseradish sauce has eggs in it often, any egg allergies? I think I have...More
Posted by heather7257
Finally Weaned!
So I finally got Clara weaned, which means.....I CAN EAT MILK AND EGGS AGAIN! The last...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: Baked Egg & Milk Challenge
Yet another Heather posting! My DD has milk and egg allergy. In Feb she did a food...More
Posted by heather7257
Reply: Kid Parties -- Ugh
This might be a dumb suggestion, but maybe for awhile until she is a bit older but...More
Posted by heather7257