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Spicy Food
I love spicy food. For a couple of years now the day after eating spicy food I sit on the toilet for some...More
Posted by billyherlth
I am a Culinary student needing an anonymous inter...
I am in school for Culinary arts and I am doing a project for food safety and bacteria. I need a person who is...More
Posted by lcbkia
Healthy veggies to pack in lunch
For those of you who haven't tried jicama, it makes a great addition to your packed lunch. Crunchy, good...More
Posted by An_261432
Are You Handling Poultry Correctly?
This new study released found that many Americans don't follow recommended safety practices when...More
Posted by atti_editor
Weight Loss pills
I was wondering if I took the recommended dose for raspberry ketones (3 pills 2 times a day), garcinia...More
Posted by An_261297
How can I cut my grocery bill
I am frustrated that my grocery bill is more than I want every time when I shop. Ok, heres the story, I don't...More
Posted by cindigal
Over Ate at Super Bowl :(
So I promised myself I wouldn't, but I ended up going way over my daily calories on yesterday. I...More
Posted by ryanbrowning115
Super Bowl Eats
Registered dietician Katherine Brooking dishes out 5 of her winning penalty-free game day eats from...More
Posted by atti_editor
Looking for Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Crockpot...
I am on the look out for a few tasty/healthy crockpot ideas that include chicken and veggies... Can anyone...More
Posted by Kat012572
i think my thyroid and hernia is preventing me fro...
does anybody know about hypothroidism and weight gain? i was diagnosed about 4 years ago and since has...More
Posted by jimgilmore
Homemade Protein Bars
Hi does anyone know a good recipe for making Protein bars at home? I'm looking to save some money and eat...More
Posted by Pattycakes118
RNY Surgery Protein Foods
I had RNY surgery on Aug. 6th, 2014 and would like to know if anyone has tips for getting protein in their...More
Posted by galeann23
Are you eating enough whole grains?
"Over time, regularly eating whole wheat bread, oatmeal or other whole grains may add years to your...More
Posted by atti_editor
Low Iron
At my annual physical, my doctor said I have low iron but not low enough to start on iron supplements. What...More
Posted by cindy6365
Bakery Items - Bavarian Cream Filling
Do you ever become weary of customary Bisquick hotcakes? Have you generally needed to take a stab at...More
Posted by divergent123
Potassium levels are too high!
I'd like to know if you can help me with my potassium levels. What kinds of foods are most likely to raise...More
Posted by edithann2
Healthy Breakfast on the Road?
I will be traveling next week and will have to stop at a fast food or casual restaurant a couple days for...More
Posted by candacemore
Grand and Go lunch ideas
have the luxury of working from home but still have to watch the clock for breaks. I need some ideas of...More
Posted by Grammylee
Healthy, quick and Easy Breakfast?
I'm looking for fast and easy to prepare breakfast options that are also healthy. I enjoy eggs in the morning,...More
Posted by xfit66
Save your too ripe bananas!
When bananas get too ripe, I like to peel them and put them in a ziploc bag in the freezer. Then when I...More
Posted by Cambria654
The healthiest way to cook fish is what?
Posted by ang2953
Coconut Oil
My wife has been hearing alot recently about the benefits of coconut oil on mental health. Is there any truth...More
Posted by An_260009
Best Cooking Oils
Is olive oil the best cooking oil for healthy eating or is sunflower oil or sesame oil or something else...More
Posted by An_259815
I try to eat salmon frequently since it's a healthy protein, but someone recently told me to not even bother...More
Posted by cknghlthy
Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout)
Anyone have a good healthy recipe?
Posted by Thomas09519
shell fish?
what about shrimp?
Posted by kilpat

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