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Does anyone have any good healthy ideas for fasting...we start our fast at sunrise and we break our fast at...More
Posted by atiya1973
I am 49 years old. My BMI is 35 which is over weight, I have tried so hard to lose weight and I lost 4...More
Posted by santana1964
Changed Habits, No Progress
I have a sedentary job, but I began making significant changes to my lifestyle 12 weeks ago. I have my...More
Posted by Mango1984
why is it that I get sick eating pork chops or sausage but not on ham ?????
Posted by An_252672
why is it that I get sick eating pork chops or sausage but not on ham ?????
Posted by An_252672
why is it that I get sick eating pork chops or sausage but not on ham ?????
Posted by An_252672
Juicing plant leaves.
Hi, I am a healthy 40yo male. I juice greens and this morning while jogging in the park I wondered if...More
Posted by OnlinePatient
What about brown rice..??
I saw the posts about white rice vs corn because of the starches that convert to sugar. I am tying cut out...More
Posted by cindigal
Jorge Cruise has this book called 100: Count ONLY...
Does anybody else saw Jorge Cruise on Tv or read his books...?? I saw this article when he was ABC and I was...More
Posted by cindigal
I think I'm getting over-dosage but I don't know f...
Hi, Recently I have been paying a lot of attentions on eating healthy food. I eat predominantly organic foods,...More
Posted by NamThai
Great advice I got
I finally got a great response to one of posts regarding fruit and sugar. I posted lengthy story in a few...More
Posted by cindigal
Adding vegetables to a meal makes me feel hungry
First off, I am NOT asking about why I'm hungry after eating a meal of just veggies. If I go out to eat and...More
Posted by czehner
Corn vs (white) rice
My husband refuses to believe there is any difference between fresh corn and steamed rice. He says both are...More
Posted by An_246571
Good saturated fats?
I recently read a couple of research related articles that concluded that in contrast to fats from animals, fats...More
Posted by Hugor
Help with a new way of eating
Hello, I am starting a gluten free diet and i am type 2 diabetic. There is so much online...i am not sure...More
Posted by denipink
Need to tweak my diet...
I am new to this and need to tweak my diet some. I need to loose some weight and have pledged to loose 30#...More
Posted by margret21266
How is my nutrition?
For the past week, I've decided to record everything I eat and drink. I'd like it if a nutrition expert could...More
Posted by rich2013
Carbs and Diet Coke
Hi, I am new to WebMD. I have had type 2 for 10 years, getting by with oral meds and I did my first insulin...More
Posted by An_251654
Iced Tea
I love my black, unsweetened ice tea. I like Tetley Tea the best - has the best flavor and I like the round,...More
Posted by An_251615
Vegetarian vs. Carnivore--Need help/ideas with rec...
Here's my dilemma- I am a vegetarian, and I also don't eat any eggs or dairy milk. My better half, however,...More
Posted by sheskrafty
Need Help with Vegetarian Diet!
I have recently (five weeks ago) started eating a vegetarian diet, and I love it. My body feels so...More
Posted by stephenlovegrove
Keeping on Weight as a Vegetarian/Vegan
Hello! My family and I transitioned into a vegetarian/mostly vegan diet a few months ago - it's going very...More
Posted by Joelle33
Extra virgin olive oil best before date significan...
hope one of your knowledgeable selves can help. [br>As the best before date approaches, doesn't the...More
Posted by Anon_145116
Cooking for Arthritis
What foods can help minimize the effects of arthritis? I would like to find recipes that are quick, easy, and...More
Posted by ITGeye
Help regarding low sodium diet needed
Hi. I went to the ER a few days ago because my blood pressure was 150/110. I had just gotten through...More
Posted by missjennifer1966
Can I boil Miralax?
I have to drink a ton of Miralax for a colonoscopy. I noticed that I can drink tea. Can I boil the Miralax to...More
Posted by An_250280
what dose it mean when youre nails chip???
what dose it mean when youre nails chip????
Posted by smartypants
Cookie swap
I like to make low carb peanut butter cookies. Just combine 8 oz. peanut butter with 1 ccp Splenda ( I use a...More
Posted by An_247623

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I just bought a $30 spiralizer at Target, and its changed my cooking habits. Now, instead of relying on starchy/carby bases for meals, I ... More
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