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Top Food Poisoning Bugs and How To Beat Them
I've been getting some questions lately on the board and from others around me about food...More
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Two Grown Up Grilled Cheese Recipes
Inspired by the grilled cheese restaurant mentioned in my most recent blog, I made two types of...More
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Top 20 sources of Calories for Americans
I always like to see which foods contribute the most sugar or saturated fat or sodium because...More
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I'm sharing my Best Blonde Brownie Recipe!
Okay everyone...I'm finally sharing my Best Blonde Brownie recipe. I LOVE and I mean LOVE this...More
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Organic Cows Live Twice As Long?
I went to a talk given by the CEO of an organic yogurt company and I am re-motivated to choose...More
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Check out this recipe for homemade Honey Wheat Pan...
I LOVE pancakes! And we've had a discussion going on this community board about making pancakes...More
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Bigger Benefits to Consuming Plant Sterols in Smal...
You know those margarines with the plant sterols added? Have you noticed plant sterols are now...More
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The idea that some foods can magically melt kilos away has been around for a long time. Of course, while...More
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Mom Magee's Favorite Irish Recipes
Here's an article I wrote a year or so ago with some of my favorite Irish recipes. WIth a name...More
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Try this wonderful Green Chili with Pork
Dust off your slow cooker because here's a wonderful recipe for a green chili made with lean...More
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A quick homemade version of a cold weather favorit...
How "sloppy" are your sloppy Joe's? I developed a quick homemade recipe for Sloppy Joe's a while...More
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8 Ways to Stock Your Kitchen For Heart Health
Another article on giving your kitchen a makeover in 2011!
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Giver Your Pantry a New Year's Makeover!
Here's an article I wrote a while back on giving your pantry a makeover. I hope this gives you...More
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Here's the picture to the Turkey Crescent Bites Ap...
What's your favorite New Year's Appetizer?
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Top cookie from get's a Recipe Doctor ...
You won't believe these cookies are 100% whole wheat and use canola oil. One of the star...More
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Light holiday tips!
Here's the transcript from a "chat" I did about 6 years ago for WebMD. It has some helpful tips...More
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new findings that popular soft drinks have more fr...
A new laboratory analysis published in the journal, Obesity, reported that up to 65% of the...More
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If a child is obese, will it work to target only t...
This just in...working with the parents of obese children (and not the children directly) had...More
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Some Fall Slow Cooker Recipes for You!
It's slow cooker season! When it starts getting dark earlier and the mornings and evenings are...More
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Here's my favorite pumpkin pie recipe!
Here's my favorite LIGHT pumpkin pie recipe. If you don't want to introduce the orange essence,...More
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Eating Healthy on the Go: Quick Foods Kids Will Lo...
When meals and snacks are prepared at home, parents can provide nutrient-rich, whole foods and...More
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What's Wrong With Eating Low Carb?Expert
Generally a really low carbohydrate eating plan is not desirable for most people because our brain and our muscles prefer to run on ... More
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