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Ice Tea
I make my own ice tea, I combine black tea, lemon grass , ginger and honey. Boil a gallon of water, add 5...More
Posted by danndg
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reducing triglycerides
Eating plant based fats and fasting 1 time per week has worked to reduced my triglyceride level.
Posted by terry314314
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Posted by An_264723
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Party hearty
A doctor gave me some good advice always use a small plate. Mingle lots leaves less time to eat.
Posted by arcflash
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Crockpot cooking for oatmeal
I have also seen recipes that cook oatmeal in the crockpot
Posted by An_263659
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Soaked Oats
I have been eating oatmeal for a long time in the mornings, but I just learned about this great tip. If you...More
Posted by An_263609
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Timing to have Food
Break fast - 7 to 9 AM Lunch - 1 - 3 PM Dinner - 8 - 10 PMMore
Posted by adventgeek
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smaller fish are great.
Think small when eating fish.
Posted by An_262434
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Mercury poisoning
Fish is extremely good for you but be careful not to eat too much of large predatory fish. The higher up the...More
Posted by An_262333
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Healthy Breakfast
I like to saute spinach in about a tsp of olive oil. Take less than 1 minute with a little salt, pepper and...More
Posted by rhbgswampy
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Big Green Egg
Grilling on a Big Green Egg is a great way to cook all of your meals in one place, and it does an amazing job...More
Posted by An_262094
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breakfast idea
using Pinterest, I found recipes for refrigerator oatmeal, that includes oatmeal, chia seeds, yogurt, skim milk...More
Posted by FLAMIZ
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Try rice and beans for healthy eating
Rice and beans (even minute rice and pre cooked canned beans) are a really easy way to eat healthy, cheap, and...More
Posted by jyran
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We like to have ours steamed.
Posted by wedena
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I just bought a $30 spiralizer at Target, and its changed my cooking habits. Now, instead of relying on...More
Posted by An_260878
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1 pkg of dry (regular or flavored) Oat meal 1 serving of yogurt (plain or flavored) Mix thoroughly in the bowl,...More
Posted by dagdon
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Great tips, thanks everyone.
Posted by An_260121
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Olive Oil
When cooking with olive oil always add some minced garlic for more flavor. It also smells great.
Posted by musicalflea
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healthy snacks ready when you are
I like to immediately prep fruits and veggies when I get home from the store -- if you stay ready, you don't...More
Posted by tamtalwal
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Preparation = Success
Along with what has been posted, another benefit of preparing a menu AND preparing the meals in advance, the...More
Posted by An_259767
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Preparation = Success
Something that has really helped me in the past with my weight loss is setting time aside on my weekend to...More
Posted by LLB130
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Slow Cooker Beef Stew
Ingredients 2 pounds Beef Stew meat 2 Sweet Potatoes 4 Carrots (peeled and chopped) 2 Celery Stalks (chopped) 1...More
Posted by Lima311
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Delicious LowCal
If you like Honey Mustard dressing be sure to try Paul Newman's Lite Honey mustard! Wow...very good and so...More
Posted by An_259345
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Dear everyone, please help USA improve the quality... More
Posted by An_258178
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reducing triglycerides
Eating plant based fats and fasting 1 time per week has worked to reduced my triglyceride level. More
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