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Drink water before a meal.
I suggest drinking water thirty minutes before a meal because many people mistake dehydration for hunger. By...More
Posted by tellison1
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Paleo Blog
I found another great healthy Paleo Recipe site! More
Posted by crossfitbornwithit
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AWESOME healthy recipes!
Check out my food blog for lots of great ideas! More
Posted by TrainerPaisley
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Do not drink coke, water during eating.
Drink water 30 mins after eat or 30 mins before eat. Not during eating.More
Posted by Pepes29827
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Tips to control food glut.
Very easy to get to glut food if you're wanting to lose weight or LOSS rumen, and this always happens when...More
Posted by allashram
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Planned-Over Turkey Dinners
I do "Planned Overs" after Thanksgiving. I bake one turkey and one turkey breast. I stuff my freezer with...More
Posted by An_249062
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not getting credit
Why is it whenever my husband and i log and do something, we don't get credit for it?
Posted by sarah14138
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Maybe its just our dogs but both of our dogs (pug and golden lab) get horrible diarrhea. Might keep an eye...More
Posted by whateverdork
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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?
I just found out that feeding a dog watermelon is ok... but the seeds can actually kill them! Then I started...More
Posted by hmcnut
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Proceed with caution
Yesterday, I was reading a popular site....there was anarticle on how to go vegetarian. You would be...More
Posted by pickedlast17
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Divinely Delicious Lasagna - Low Fat, too!
I made this up, so you can do whatever you'd like with this. WARNING: You may end up making 2 dishes...More
Posted by Empyrean13
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Easy Chicken Coconut Curry Soup
Decided to post a separate tip. Easy Chicken Coconut Curry Soup This recipe serves four, but you...More
Posted by butterflygarden
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Broth-based Soup Recipes
Hey everyone! I say we get this board moving and use it for a place we can share our favorite healthy...More
Posted by butterflygarden
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Healthy Vegetarian Polenta
I just made this last night. It's polenta with ground flaxseed, ricotta cheese for creaminess and a mix of...More
Posted by Empyrean13
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Tuesday's Kitchen Tips - Sharpen Your Knives For L...
If you find yourself tearing up while cutting onions, try sharpening your knives. The oils...More
~To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art.~ La Rochefoucauld
Posted by Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff
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What's Wrong With Eating Low Carb?
Generally a really low carbohydrate eating plan is not desirable for most people because our...More
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The average American consumes 13 pounds of sugar e...
There's a good reason why one of my top tips for Americans is to limit sugary drinks. It's...More
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77% of the sodium in American Diet comes from PROC...
People trying to lower the sodium in their diet have a tendency to focus on the amount of salt...More
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3 new Turkey Burgers at Carl's Jr under 500 calori...
I finally tried one of the three new turkey burgers at Carl's Jr. It was very satisfying (no...More
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Popular Summer Casserole Recipe--You Choose the Fe... Feel free...More
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Make your oatmeal with milk instead of water
Make Your Oatmeal With Milk For Maximum Calcium Thanks To Magnesium Fiber in general...More
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Food Poisoning Tips For Meat Lovers
Ever wondered if you were having food poisoning symptoms because of meat you ate? Here are two...More
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This is one of my husband's favorite beef recipes and it's actually pretty easy to make. I was...More
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Tips for avoiding foodborne illness from Sprouts
In 1999, then-FDA Commissioner issued the following advice: "Despite all these efforts to...More
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A Fun Graduation Food Gift (and graduation party t...
It's graduation time for high school and college and I wanted to prepare something fun and...More
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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Contemplating the Ca...
Is the Carl's Jr? New Turkey Burger Really A Lean Option? You've probably seen the television...More
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A New Nitrate-Free, Lighter Hot Dog To Try This Me...
What says Memorial day better than firing up the barbeque. One of the least expensive and most...More
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What's Wrong With Eating Low Carb?Expert
Generally a really low carbohydrate eating plan is not desirable for most people because our brain and our muscles prefer to run on ... More
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