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This is one of my husband's favorite beef recipes and it's actually pretty easy to make. I was...More
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Tips for avoiding foodborne illness from Sprouts
In 1999, then-FDA Commissioner issued the following advice: "Despite all these efforts to...More
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A Fun Graduation Food Gift (and graduation party t...
It's graduation time for high school and college and I wanted to prepare something fun and...More
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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Contemplating the Ca...
Is the Carl's Jr? New Turkey Burger Really A Lean Option? You've probably seen the television...More
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A New Nitrate-Free, Lighter Hot Dog To Try This Me...
What says Memorial day better than firing up the barbeque. One of the least expensive and most...More
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One of my favorite ways to add flavor without adding calories or sugar or saturated fat or...More
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Just a little tip
I buy the fresh veggies and steam them. I cook my rice/millet/quiona (grains) together in organic vegetable...More
Posted by An_198216
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Turn your George Foreman Grill Into a Panini Maker...
Has anyone else discovered that a George Foreman grill can double as a makeshift panini maker?...More
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When a recipe calls for melted butter or margarine...
When a baking type recipe calls for melted butter or margarine...that's your cue that you can...More
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Protien snacks
Sometimes when I know that my day is going to be long I try a good protien snack, the favorite for me and my...More
Posted by 121766;
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3 Facts You Need To Know About Buying / Using Drie...
#1 Store dried herbs in a cool, dark place, especially if they come in a clear glass container....More
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Looking for a healthy snack or treat at McDonalds?
One of my go to desserts is the Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone at McDonalds (150 calories) ...More
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Buy your garlic minced in a jar or leave out for 1...
Garlic is loaded with phytochemicals and it's been suggested that some of these phytochemicals...More
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Enjoy Broccoli at its Best!
It's that time before the spring produce starts popping up in your supermarket or produce...More
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A "better" type of chicken broth
I have many uses for chicken broth... * As a way to add moisture (water) and flavor to cooking...More
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From a dietetics undergrad in upstate New York
Posted by Tolamaa
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All fine with some changes
I am slightly diabetic and not overweight, but still make these changes to almost all baked goods: Replace...More
Posted by An_198214
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Celebrate The Holiday With Friends Without Exchang...
Instead of exchanging gifts with friends--celebrate the season by baking together on a Saturday...More
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The Health Benefits Of Flax Ground flaxseed is truly one of the most powerful plant foods on...More
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Pumpkin Cannelloni for a Thanksgiving Holiday Swit...
Pumpkin Cannelloni for a Thanksgiving Holiday Switch Tired of turkey already? Okay,...More
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Why you should eat more OATS
Why should you eat more OATS?  Recent studies suggest eating oats and oatmeal may: Reduce...More
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I saute fresh green beans in a little olive oil. I may add fresh garlic or herbs like dill. They are crisp and...More
Posted by jennkayb
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Green Beans in Black Bean Garlic Sauce
If not for the staggering amount of sodium in this dish I would make it more often. My family loves it. But...More
Posted by bigforkdi
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Why cook the sweet potato?
I purchased a juicer and was surprised that they recommended juicing your sweet potato. What the heck, I...More
Posted by PublicLobbyist
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Persimmon Time!
Fall means persimmon time!  There are two types of persimmon lovers--those that love the more...More
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Have you tried Quinoa yet? You should!
Quinoa is a whole grain that has been around for thousands of years...once considered the "gold...More
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Top plant and fish sources of omega-3s
Perhaps you have read about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids? I would definitely call...More
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Top food sources of vitamin D
If you are trying to increase your daily dose of vitamin D, check out this list of top food...More
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Buying and Thawing Fish Tip
Since some of us are trying to eat fish a couple of times a week, I thought I would share a tip...More
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What's Wrong With Eating Low Carb?Expert
Generally a really low carbohydrate eating plan is not desirable for most people because our brain and our muscles prefer to run on ... More
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