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Why cook the sweet potato?
I purchased a juicer and was surprised that they recommended juicing your sweet potato. What the heck, I...More
Posted by PublicLobbyist
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Persimmon Time!
Fall means persimmon time!  There are two types of persimmon lovers--those that love the more...More
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Have you tried Quinoa yet? You should!
Quinoa is a whole grain that has been around for thousands of years...once considered the "gold...More
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Top plant and fish sources of omega-3s
Perhaps you have read about the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids? I would definitely call...More
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Top food sources of vitamin D
If you are trying to increase your daily dose of vitamin D, check out this list of top food...More
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Buying and Thawing Fish Tip
Since some of us are trying to eat fish a couple of times a week, I thought I would share a tip...More
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Make the Switch to Canola and Olive Oil
WHen a recipe calls for melted butter or margarine, as in a chicken saute, brownie, or pancake...More
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Make Your Own Fancy Water
On a recent vacation, the hotel we were staying in put out two tall gorgeous glass water...More
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Natural Plant sources of Plant Sterols
Plant sterols are actually quite natural...they are part of the cell membranes in plants and are...More
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6 Ways to Switch to Whole Foods
The more we know about nutrition and health, the more it seems we need to eat the way we did a...More
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My DIY smoothie
For my pre-menaposal body I enjoy smoothies with low-fat vanilla soy milk. I add fruit and low-fat...More
Posted by libertyellerton
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Herb Garden issues
I have purchased two cilantro plants, but both became yellow and/or limp before they were even planted in a...More
Posted by RoverMom
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growing herbs
have lemonbalm and rosemary planted amongst my corriander, lemongrass, parsley, chives, sage, oregano, and...More
Posted by rozzieotter
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Watch out for the sugar!
Vinegar is great, and is a wonderful alternative to high-fat and high-calorie dressings. Balsamic Vinegar has...More
Posted by mollyhorn
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How many grams of protein a day is low, medium or ...
The Best of Both Worlds (The Moderate-Balanced Diet) This more moderate, balanced way of...More
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weight wactch has a bomb dessert cookie ice cream c.150
Posted by Shereelove
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Try using a baking 'stone' ~ I have a pizza stone that has never cooked a pizza! I use it to make oven...More
Posted by PittsburghJenn
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Low-Calorie Ice Cream
I really liked Elain Magee's listing of low-calorie ice creams. Since my wife is seriously pre-diabetic, we...More
Posted by Joe_Buff
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An Indian Spice (Curcumin/Turmeric) That Packs A P...
An Indian Spice That Packs A Protective Punch Curcumin, which gives the spice turmeric its...More
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Soft wheat dinner rolls
My sister asked me to bring some wheat rolls to Easter lunch and the store I stopped at for my...More
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low salt soup
My father has very high blood pressure and the dr's have ordered my mother to cook him low sodium meals. I...More
Posted by momushka
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Switch to half whole wheat flour when baking! It's...
One of the 10 "heart smart" Cooking Commandments from my new book (TELL ME WHAT TO EAT IF I...More
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Oven Fried Foods--The Best of Both Worlds!
After twenty years of lightening recipes I've found (with a few exceptions--namely donuts) that...More
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Warm your cereal
I see the post about the healthy cereals and I love any cereal that has fiber. There are so many choices, I...More
Posted by cindigal
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Another method of Chicken....
When I saw the frying chicken post, I just thought a few of my chicken recipes that I had experienced with...More
Posted by cindigal
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Have you tried Quinoa yet? You should!Expert
Quinoa is a whole grain that has been around for thousands of years...once considered the "gold of the Incas." I've been trying to think ... More
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